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Or not, since we have to check in with Jillian's team first. Jillian interviews that her contestants are in game mode now, which means stress and anxiety and not focusing on losing the weight. Helen says she's afraid of falling below the yellow line and Tara throwing the weigh-in. Now that Tara and Laura have been thrown below the yellow bus, Jillian angrily orders them not to think about throwing the weigh-in.

And now it's time for the last-chance workout! Or not still, since Bob treats his team to a product placement instead. They get to watch a DVD that hasn't even come out yet at the time of filming but just hit the stores at the time that this episode aired! That's right - they're watching Danton, the Criterion Collection version, released just last Tuesday! And they'll get a lesson on crappy movie theater food and healthy alternatives. Hilariously, Kristin steals Bob's thunder when he asks her to guess how many calories are in a huge thing of popcorn, and she actually goes higher than the answer. Bob encourages the group to eat air-popped, salt-, butter- and oil-free popcorn and save themselves hundreds of calories. Except that stuff tastes gross, so you're better off eating nothing.

LAST-CHANCE WORKOUT FOR REAL! Tara thinks she can take things easy, since Laura has the one vote, but Jillian has other ideas. She yells at her a whole lot, and Tara snaps back at her. That's left hanging and we move onto Helen, who works hard and says she really hopes she stays safe this week. When Jillian yells at Helen, it's with love. And how is Laura doing? Wimpy and non-committal. Mike is working as hard as he can in the hopes that it'll send his and his father's enemies below the yellow line.

Bob's team has finished with movie night and are now working out. While the rest of the team works hard, Sione is discouraged and has been since losing the challenge. Bob tells him to get out of his head and work his ass off. In an interview, Bob is sans beard and also sans a good twenty necessary pounds. Also, I think he shaved his eyebrows off along with the beard. What is going on with him? Sione does some impressive balancing on the exercise ball and sweats all over the floor.

Trainer tip! Jillian and her unfortunate choice of workout gear recommend working out with kettlebells.

Weigh-in time. Just in case you forgot, Laura reminds us that she has all the power and everyone else worries he's screwed. The teams gather, and Sami is looking good for just giving birth. She reminds us YET AGAIN that Laura has all the power and says that Mike is just nine pounds away from losing the most weight on campus in the show's history. He lost five pounds this week, and is all bummed out, even though that's pretty impressive considering all those calories he consumed during the temptation. He says this is the least amount of weight he's lost since the game began.

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