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Ron weighs next, and Sione is hoping he'll suck out. Doubt it! He gained weight last week in the hospital, so he's due for an impressive loss this week. He loses nine pounds, but isn't happy about that since it puts his son closer to the yellow line.

Tara goes next. Will she throw the weigh-in? Will consuming almost 5,000 calories affect her weight this week? After the commercial, we see... I'm not sure. She lost three pounds, so I don't think she threw it. Laura immediately whispers to Jillian that "she didn't do it on purpose." Jillian shoots Laura a look that could murder a small European country. Even Sami is bummed, saying only a disappointed "thanks" as Tara leaves the scale. Jillian is so angry that she can't pronounce Tara's name correctly.

Kristin has had another awakening this week, just like she has every week. Why can't she have an awakening that that dye job is not cool? Anyway, she loses six pounds, and we cue the victory music. Bob says he's proud of Kristin and her positive attitude. Both Kristin and Ron are now safe from elimination.

Helen's next, and she's worried. But she only needs to lose over three pounds to avoid elimination. Whoops! She loses just two. She tearfully interviews that she was devastated and doesn't want to go home yet. The two-pound loss puts Helen at the bottom of the list with Tara right above her. Bad news.

Filipe is next up. His hair is now so ridiculously huge that he's the only person who looks better in his "before" picture. Annoyingly, he loses seven pounds and is safe from elimination. Cue the happy scream. Filipe says he's sure that Sione will lose even more weight than he did. When Sione goes to weigh in, he feels the same way. But whoops! He only lost four pounds. That's not totally terrible, since Helen is still below him with one person left to weigh in. But he assumes the worst and Bob is devastated. Meanwhile, Helen is definitely below the yellow line, which sucks.

Laura is the last to weigh in. If she loses more than three pounds, she'll be able to pick who goes home. If not, it'll be between her and Helen. Amazingly and despite all the shit Jillian talked about her, Laura loses eight freaking pounds! She's kind of a powerhouse, isn't she? She's hugely relieved. Sione is devastated. Laura then realizes that she has to choose between Sione and Helen, and that sucks. By the way, Laura lost the biggest percentage of weight of anyone, almost an entire percent more than the second-place contestant.

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