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A Monumental Occasion

What have I done today to make me feel proud? Is this a rhetorical question?

We begin at the scene of last week's emotional elimination, with Sami telling contestants Black and Blue that they need to take advantage of all their time on campus -- not just for themselves, but for the millions of Americans watching at home who look to the contestants for hope and inspiration. And, in the case of crazy Tracey, for jokes to populate the recap. Seriously, I should send this wackadoo a thank you note. In case you haven't been to a Cracker Barrel recently, you should know that there are a LOT of very fat people in this country. And, Sami says, each of the contestants can play a role in reversing that trend. Thus, for the next seven days, the Losers will do everything they can to help their fellow Americans live happier, healthier lives. By going to Washington D.C.! There are a lot of steps at the Lincoln Memorial, everyone.

The contestants are all excited to head to D.C., with the added bonus that they can actually fit in the seats of the plane. The JetBlue plane. Which has TVs and leg room! And then, majesty. D.C. really is lovely. The contestants meet Sami, who is totally wearing a Jackie O. headscarf. Well-played. And then Bob and Jillian greet them! Sami tells the contestants that they're each going to get to talk to some congressmen and women about their journeys. They'll also be visiting the White House! To teach Sasha and Maliya how to cook with Jennie-O turkey? Bob tells us that if this doesn't validate the show, nothing will. That one's always trying to prove something. The contestants are in front of the Jefferson Memorial, which is a tribute to one of the country's greatest patriots who wanted to preserve our rights as individuals. This is appropriate since as of today the contestants are playing as individuals. They put on their previous team colors. Sami reminds Shay that she's the only contestant who is still over 400 pounds. She's close to getting under, though, and may do it this week.

Okay, so it's time for the players to make a difference...via a pop challenge. Sami tells the Losers that in a few hours Bob and Jillian will be doing a public workout at the Washington Monument. That is pretty awesome, to exercise in the shadow of the country's most famous phallus. Each contestant must get as many people there as he or she can. The person who has the most people exercising will win the pop challenge. They get an hour to round up their exercise troops. The prize is still a mystery, but will involve a huge advantage at this week's challenge. AND they get to take their whole exercise group to Subway for dinner. Each contestant gets a bunch of stickers to identify the folks they round up. And then they're off to terrorize the streets of D.C.

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