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With that, it's time for voting. Sam votes for Cheryl, with regret. Stephanie also votes for Cheryl. Cheryl pulls a surprise and votes for Stephanie. Sherry is next. She votes for Sam. Ashley votes for Cheryl, which sends her home. Everyone is very sad about the situation, and most of the young 'uns refer to their evictee as "Mama Cheryl." Cheryl loves her teammates, and also says she believes she can do this at home. There are big hugs all around.

Cheryl tells us that for the last few years she's been going downhill. But since she's been on campus she's learned that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She's proud to have lasted as long as she has, and she's learned a lot about herself on the way. She's also proud of Daris and how he's grown. The next time we see Cheryl, she's going to have a big voice and a small body. We catch up with her today. She's gone from 227 pounds to 164. Wow! She needs a shopping spree, though. She donated a lot of her fat clothes, which was a really big moment for her. Cheryl found her voice at the ranch, as evidenced by copious shots of her screaming in the gym both on campus and now at home. She also likes to beat on things. Cheryl's daughter Nickie says that she's totally transformed, and has a strength now that she's never had before. Cheryl plans to run a 5K in late March and hopes to weigh 135 pounds at the finale.

Next week: the Black Team is demoralized, and Michael has some sort of dramatic event.

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