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d Brett team, since they practically live in gloves. The winning team gets a three-pound advantage at the weigh-in. The Black Team has two extra team members, and choose Arthur and Sarah to sit out.

Hannah tells us that she was a volleyball player, and so knows a little something about keeping balls in the air. The teams start with their first giant balls, and as it turns out this task is harder than you think. Try walking across your house while doing this same thing with a balloon. The Red Team is first to figure out a team strategy, and they get their first ball across the field. The Black Team has made absolutely no progress, and would do well to stop for a minute and watch the Red Team to get some ideas. As the Red Team gets their third ball in, the Black Team lets their first ball touch the ground at the five yard line. Despite what Sami says, there is no hope for them. They do eventually get one ball in, which is cold, saggy comfort. The Red Team wins handily. Austin says that it was important to make sure that the Black Team didn't get the three-pound advantage, and now they must focus on making sure the weigh-in goes their way.

Back at the house, the Black Team dwells on their losing situation. Marci notes that the Black Team has beaten the Red Team twice at the last weigh-ins, so the odds are against them. As far as she's concerned, their priority should be on making sure that the right person falls below the Dreadline. Marci and Deni are particularly worried about their daughters going home, and are actually considering throwing the weigh-in so they land below the Dreadline. This could quite possibly also mean that the Black Team will lose the weigh-in and will have to vote someone else off. Marci and Deni are curious where Jesse stands on the notion of sacrificing himself so that Arthur can stay. Jesse says that they've talked about it, and they believe in themselves. He doesn't see them falling below the Dreadline. People get really judgey about this situation, which I think is whack. Arthur says that in his perfect world, they'll win. Marci asks what will happen if they don't win. Arthur says of course he's not going to vote off his dad, and then starts crying at being forced to say that he'd vote off Deni or Marci.

Jesse finally steps in and says that all of this mess is getting to him, and he's tired of all the bickering about who to save. Marci jumps in to say that people haven't been bickering, they've been trying to prepare a plan. Jesse says that what people have been doing is making him feel guilty. That is absolutely true. He gets kind of heated as he says that if there's something he can do to keep Arthur there, then he'll do it, and if there's something he can do to keep someone else there who he thinks needs to be there more than him, he'll do it. However, he says that as far as he's concerned, not everybody there needs to be there more than him, regardless of what their age is. Just because he's an old man doesn't mean they can throw him out to pasture, he says, which is again totally right on. He's got issues that he has to deal with, and they're being overlooked, and he resents that.

Jesse then gets heated enough to curse, and Olivia leaves the room. She tells us that Jesse doesn't even know the beginnings of her problems, and to make judgments like that on other people is very sad. Who is making judgments on whom here? I am firmly team Jesse on this one. The moment that you insinuate to someone that they should sacrifice themselves on this show is the moment in which you should shut your piehole. Also, like ten minutes ago everyone wanted to vote Arthur off anyway, and now they're going on about their efforts to keep him there. I want season seven's Helen to come on and remind everyone how she wouldn't sacrifice herself for her daughter and then she won the whole fucking show, and bought herself an awesome and tasteful facelift that you couldn't even afford with the at-home prize. In retrospect, I commend Helen for having balls bigger than those on the football field. Deni seems to read Jesse's statement as saying that he deserves to be there more than the others, which I don't think is the point at all. Frankly, I think they're trying to tell him that he deserves to be there less than the younger people on the team, which is insulting. I also can't believe that the younger people are just totally like, "Yes, all of the old farts should throw the weigh in to ensure that we stay," like it's a great idea and they're just entitled to it. Eat some celery and then get your ass on the treadmill! Have a little faith in yourselves! All of these people are getting on my damn nerves, I'll have you know.

Last chance workout! Butt kickings, beatings, boxing gloves, big stretchy rubber bands. Cara says that Kaylee is a sweet, innocent, quiet little girl, but deep down she's a real fighter. So today she's going to fight Cara. Cara goes through her CV again for us, Golden Gloves blah blah blah. And then it's a total girlfight, and Kaylee actually looks like she might want to do some damage to Cara. Cara pops her in the face a number of times, and I seriously hate this shit. As boring as it is, I would rather watch these people run on the treadmill for seventeen hours. But Kaylee and Cara love each other and love beating the shit out of each other. Kaylee tells us that she's been taking metaphorical punches her whole life and not fighting back. Today in the ring, she realized that she's worth fighting for.

With that, it's weigh-in time. The Red Team weighs in first, with Austin getting on the scale. He's lost 90 pounds so far, so with a loss of 10 could be the third person to reach 100 pounds lost this season. Austin goes from 306 to 299, for a loss of 7 pounds or 2.29%. He didn't quite reach 100 pounds lost, but is out of the 300s. He hasn't been there in a decade, and says it's awesome. Ken is next, and goes from 296 to 291, for a loss of 5 pounds or 1.69%. He's not thrilled, but says he has to live with it. Justin is next, and goes from 277 to 270, for a loss of 7 pounds or 2.53%. He's safe from the Dreadline. Rulon is next, and goes from 371 to 367, for a loss of 4 pounds. Ooh, that is not good. Rulon says that every day he works hard and burns calories, and Brett tells him that he's a hero to everyone there. He also points out that Rulon lost 11 pounds last week, and it's difficult to have a big number two weeks in a row. That 11 pounds equals a 1.08% weight loss, and Rulon is in danger of the Dreadline.

Kaylee is next, and goes from 187 to 180 for a whopping loss of 7 pounds! She thanks her trainers and her dad, who got her up at 5 a.m. See, that's the way you protect your child from elimination. Cara is very proud of Kaylee and her 3.74% weight loss. Moses is next, and needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to stay safe. He goes from 333 to 322, for a loss of 11 pounds or 3.30%. Good for him. He says he'll take it. His focus this week was to help Kaylee, and though he's happy about his weight loss, seeing his daughter come into her own means more to him than anything else. Jen is next, and needs to have lost more than 2 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 211 to 213, for a gain of 2 pounds or +0.95%. She just dissolves into tears, and says it's an embarrassment. This week was extremely stressful. She wanted to make her dad proud, and feels like she failed. Rulon is rather relieved since he's now safe, though he knows it was a close call. The Red Team lost 42 pounds, or 2.12%. To win the weigh-in, the Black Team needs to have lost more than 44 pounds, or about 5 pounds apiece.

Arthur is up next, and has lost 92 pounds since he first started on the show. As long as he hasn't gained weight this week, he's above the Dreadline. Arthur goes from 415 to 406, for a loss of 9 pounds or 2.17%. Oh, good for him. Jesse is quite proud, and Bob notes that everyone was worried except for Arthur and his dad, which is great. Olivia is next, and is on the cusp of being below 200 pounds. She too is safe unless she gains weight. Olivia goes from 206 to 202, for a loss of 4 pounds

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