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The Greatest Love of All
ruggled with the fact that she's passed on her unhealthy eating habits to her kids. Now, she's turned things around. Instead of giving her super cute grandkids cookies and ice cream, she makes them a healthy smoothie. Before Deni came on the show, she couldn't get up from the ground without help. Now she can keep up with her grandkids. Deni says that her family has been so supportive of her. She missed her daughter's wedding on the ranch, but now can watch the videos. Lauren, the daughter in question, says it was so hard not to have her mom there at the wedding, but it was worth it because she's so much healthier. Deni says that she got the golden ticket, and will be around a lot longer for her kids and grandkids. Deni is determined to lose over 100 pounds total by the finale in hopes of winning the at-home prize.

Next Tuesday: the contestants go home for two weeks! Will they succumb to temptation and eat birthday cake?

Potes is now on Twitter! Find out which snacks she's eating in real time @traciepotes.

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