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Tears on the Treadmill

With the Purple and Brown teams left, Sami explains that there are three spots left on Bob's side, and one on Jillian's. The Brown Team has their coin toss next. It lands on Black, which means that they must be split up. Ron says that Mike will have a better chance of staying on the Black Team, so he goes there while Ron stays with Bob. This leaves the Purple Team, who are automatically on the Blue Team. Kristin says that seeing her former teammates in black shirts doesn't feel right. To cause even more anxiety, Sami tells the contestants that everything has changed now. She's always available to say just the wrong thing! It's a gift.

It's time for the trainers to meet their new teams! Jillian is shocked to see six black shirts and different faces. One of the first things she says is that Bob is going to freak out. She knows him so well. Jillian asks Sione if he's okay, and he admits he's taking this pretty hard. She requests open communication from her team, and says that the silver lining of this drama-inducing cloud is that the contestants will have had the opportunity to learn two different strategies and approaches to health and wellness. She handled that pretty awesomely, I have to say. Jillian takes her new team to the gym. Mike says he's open to Jillian and all the changes she'll make to his training and diet. He adds that she's a winner and he'd like to be a winner too. I like his philosophy. Sione interviews that in his first training with Jillian, she was awesome. However, she doesn't inspire him the way Bob does to exceed his limits. When she tries to push him, he just doesn't care. Maybe when he really faces the wrath he'll care.

Bob enters the house and screams, "I knew it!" before looking absolutely shocked that he has a brand new team. Guess he didn't know whatever he thought he knew. We've all been there. Bob asks Mandi how she's feeling and she admits to being scared. Kristin tears up as she says this is different, and she misses her brothers from a Tongan mother. She feels like her heart's been ripped out of her chest. That would have to be at least five pounds, right? Could work to her advantage! Bob takes his team to the gym and they see that Jillian's team has just finished. Dane has a tough time with this. There are emotional hugs and tears all around and it's highly dramatic and seriously you should hear the motherchucking music that's playing behind all of this. Helen is quite upset, though I have to say Bob doesn't seem all that bummed that he's rid of her.

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