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Episode 8 (Part 1)

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Tears on the Treadmill

It's then time for the results. The Blue Team biked 264 miles, while the Black Team biked 301.9 miles. They win! And Tara rode the furthest of anyone -- 58.8 miles. Okay, so, despite the whining and the recent breakdowns Tara does really rule. So the Black Team gets the 3-pound advantage at the weigh-in as well as bikes all around. Sami says that these contestants have all proved that within one day anything is possible. Technically that's really not true, unless you show me a manatee beating a unicorn in a 5k road race.

Next up: the weigh-in! Angel's going to take that one for me while I'm off gallivanting in Tennessee! ["Actually after a competition of who could do the most "up downs," Sara M won and she earned the right to rant about Bob some more." -- AC]

Potes wonders why the eff everyone is so dramatic! Send your theories to

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