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Episode 8 (Part 2)

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Team Blew

Last night: Bob lost his shit when some of his team members were switched to Jillian's team, so much so that only a memory music montage could properly express his grief. It was hilarious. And now, the thrilling conclusion.

The new teams walk outside to find Sami and a bunch of giant Health magazines waiting for them. No longer content with just "pop" challenges, it's time for a Product Placement cleverly disguised as a pop quiz. This will test contestants' knowledge about health and aging, which is unfortunate since as far as we've seen, all they've really learned about those things are that you should keep your food fresh with Glad Bags and be sure to carbo-load with bread from Quizno's. And here comes Health magazine editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello, who now has a book to add to her list of plugs credentials. The winning team receives a vacation package that sounded nice until they said it was in Florida. The quiz has bunch of stupid questions about regular soda being better than diet soda, squats being better than push-ups, and cutting calories being better than cutting fat when it comes to helping you live longer. I'm sure Karen Carpenter could definitely attest to that last one, if she were alive. It's also the shortest pop quiz ever, since after just three questions and three correct answers from Helen, Sione, and Filipe, the black team has won it. Filipe is thrilled. Not so bad being on the black team now, is it?

Then Aubrey, Mandi, and Ron have lunch, which usually means Product Placement time! Sure enough, Bob (wearing a black turtleneck of mourning) strolls into the kitchen to criticize the lack of vegetables on Mandi's plate of chicken and rice. But before you go running off to the nearest Farmer's Market for fresh fruit and veg, Bob's got some Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen vegetables to shill. Bob also has the nerve to say that frozen vegetables are somehow better than fresh ones. And they have crappy fake cheese sauce on them! Give me a break! Stop telling us to eat cheese sauce and go cry in the corner about losing Sione, Bob.

Last Chance Workout time! Filipe is still sad about losing Bob, but Jillian takes his mind off of it by making him sprint on the treadmill. Filipe then admits that Jillian knows his limits better than he does. And probably better than Bob, too. Over on Bob's side, Mandi is jumping on boxes and lifting weights. She says she likes training with Bob, probably because it's less work and she doesn't get yelled at when she whines. Jillian is stuck with lumpy Helen, who says she will always have Bob in her heart, but Jillian kicked her ass. In a good way. Tara works out hard while Laura slowly walks on the treadmill and watches. Mike does a lot of boxing.

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