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Episode 8 (Part 2)

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Sami turns to the blue team. Cathy has immunity since she had the highest percentage of weight loss, but everyone else is fair game. Bob hugs his team good-bye, even the former Jillian team members he hates. Sami gives the blue team one hour to decide who they're eliminating. They should only need ten seconds, or however long it takes for them to all say "Ron."

Cathy opens the conversation by asking who "needs" to be there. An annoyed Ron says they all do. He knows he's the most obvious person to vote out, so he immediately says he wants to stay, and thinks the person they vote out should be the one who has the most support at home. Someone like ... Dane. WHAT? Dane, who's lost more weight than anyone and still has a ton of weight to lose and is strong and necessary if they want to win challenges? That Dane? Is Ron crazy? Or just crazy like a fox? Ron whines that he needs to be here more than Dane does. Dane is not pleased at all, and says they're all "freaking fat" and they need to make a decision based on what will be best for their team, a.k.a. get rid of Ron. Dane says he's good for the team, because he loses weight and doesn't have a man boob six pack and his knees and shoulders actually work. Dane interviews that Ron is full of crap and rallying to get rid of him because he's threat to Ron and especially to his son. Ron appeals to the team, saying he needs to be here more. Mandi, fortunately, isn't a moron, so she interviews that Dane is a much better person to have on their team than Ron. She loves Ron, but she wants her team to win the weigh-ins. Meanwhile, useless Aubrey keeps saying she can't make a decision. Why is it between Ron and Dane? Why isn't, say, Aubrey's name being tossed out as a possibility? Ron interviews that he needs to be here for his son, and he clearly can't do this at home since he's never been able to before. Unlike everyone else on this show, who all did an awesome job staying fit and trim. Shut up, Ron. On their way to the voting room, Dane tearfully interviews that it sucks that he put so much effort into this and it could be taken away even though he's such a good performer for his team. But he's not bawling like Bob, so he doesn't get a music montage. Mike interviews that he'll "snap" if his dad goes home tonight. You're 19, Mike. Get over it.

Time to reveal the votes! Wouldn't it be funny if everyone voted for Kristin out of nowhere? But that won't happen, because this show is really predictable. Aubrey goes first. She says she doesn't think it's fair that she has to decide to send someone deserving home, so she voted for someone who "took full advantage of every single day." And that person is ... Kristin! Oh ... oh. I guess this show isn't as predictable as I thought. Dane votes next. Of course, he votes for Ron, saying he can't keep up and this is the best decision for the team. Mandi's next. She also voted for what is best for the team, and voted for Ron. Ron voted for someone he thinks can do the best job at home: Dane. Shut up, Ron. Cathy's next, so I'd say it's reasonably certain that Kristin is safe. After all, she's not Helen. Cathy rambles on about how bonded they all are after the 24-hour challenge and how hard it is to vote someone out. Except not, since she votes for Dane. What a moron. Does she think she's going to lose 14 pounds every week? Has she forgotten all those other weeks of suckitude on her part? Kristin casts the deciding vote. She's obviously voting for Dane, as she starts off by saying she wishes she had more time on a team with this person to develop a stronger bond. And then, she votes for Dane. Wow. You know who sucks the most (besides Ron) in all this? Aubrey. If she had voted for Ron, it would have been a tie and he would have gone home, as he should. I think she did that on purpose, to vote Dane out without actually voting for him. Claiming that she voted for Kristin because she couldn't bring herself to make a decision between Ron and Dane was just a lie so she would look good. Well, now your team will lose and you and Mandi will be the next two to go. Nice one, Aubrey. Dane is sad, but leaves with his head held high and does not tell Ron, Cathy, and Kristin off like he should have.

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