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The Fat Red Line
an important time. Danny can rest after the finale. Well...that's not very zen, is it? Now Jillian is going to murder Bob in addition to Rebecca. The corpses pile up in the locker room. Meanwhile, some people in the room with me just asked if Danny was on American Idol a few seasons ago. Indeed, he has a bit of a Hicks-ian countenance. Danny has a pile of old, skinny pictures that he looks at for motivation. He shows them to Bob, and Bob asks what happened to him. Danny lost his drive and his lust for life. He gave up...on himself. The Danny in the pictures had no limits, and was kind of a rock star. He says he never should have let go of those dreams and desires. But he did, and now he has an opportunity to gain it all back. Danny feels confident for the first time in a long time, because he's confident about what he can do. Do we not hear this from Danny every week? I mean, good for him, but I've seen that skinny Danny football photo and heard about his rekindled lust for life enough, probably. Danny knows that his process of taking off the weight is going to change other people's lives, and that's part of his dream from here on out. Bob wants to give Danny's wife her man back, and with him some good sexy times.

Jillian talks to Rebecca and Shay, who are stressed out about the red line. Apparently, stress is really bad for weight loss. She tries to talk them down, and also talks about how they can replicate their experience at home by finding a 24 Hour Fitness in their neighborhood. And...wait. Jillian tells Shay and Rebecca that The Biggest Loser has a special offer that they're doing with 24 Hour Fitness where you can apparently bring a buddy with you. This is totally a product placement! The sneakiest one yet! Anyway, blah blah pep talk, no one wants to go home, Jennie-O turkey. And has anyone ever actually seen Jennie-O turkey in the store?

And then it's time for the challenge! The Losers go to the circus, which has all sorts of colorful circus props and circus characters. Rebecca tells us that she hates clowns, which is right. Sami welcomes the contestants to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, where performers spend every day filling people's lives with joy and laughter. And, in the case of clowns, abject terror. But it takes a lot of work to be a world-class entertainer. To succeed, they have to find balance, juggle hectic schedules (and bowling pins), and hang on no matter what. Clearly, if you want to make it in the circus, you have to jump through a lot of hoops. And that's what the contestants will be doing today. A row of giant hoops descends from the ceiling in front of trampolines. There is a hoop for each contestant, and the task at hand is to jump through your opponent's hoop. Each time you do, they get one point. When you receive 100 points against you, you're out. The last one standing wins. Allen is depressed about how this challenge is going to roll, since everyone will be gunning for him. Today's prize is immunity. The drool once reserved only for Boston crème donuts is flowing.

Before the challenge begins, Shay and Rudy make a hoop alliance. They high five on it, and it looks promising if they're the last two standing in the game, though I'm really not sure how exactly this works. Rudy notes that if you give the wrong person immunity in this game, you could risk falling below the yellow line yourself. And then the jumping begins! This is a pretty whack challenge, what with the trampolines and the falling on the padding. The youngsters all go after Liz first, rationalizing that she could fall below the yellow line and thus save their butts, so they don't want her to get immunity. Kind of mean, but that's how it works. Allen notes the strategy, and leads the oldsters to gang up on Amanda, who's one of the fastest of the youngsters. Sami looks saddened by this turn of events. Meanwhile, Shay hits a hoop really awkwardly and appears to be hurt. She can't even get off the padding for a while. It's hard on her. This is truly an unpleasant challenge. Everyone is really cranky and the circus lights aren't helping anything. Liz is out first, followed by Amanda. Daniel is next to be out, followed by Alan. Danny, Rudy, Rebecca and Shay are still in. Soon Rebecca takes a weird jump and looks like she might have hurt herself. Aren't trampolines illegal by now?

Rebecca is next to be out. Rudy starts running through Shay's hoop, and she yells that she loves it when true character shows. Rudy says that Shay shouldn't talk crap during challenges. What the heck is even happening here? There is random smack talking back and forth. Rudy explains to us that Shay misunderstood their hoop alliance. He's not about to take out Danny, who helped him get this far. Shay, however, isn't buying his excuses and asks what she's ever done to him. Liz yells that it's not personal -- it's a game. Shay wants Liz to stifle. Rudy says he wouldn't go for Shay until the end, and it's now the end. There are lots of accusations of having no character, and then things get ugly and emotional. Rudy says that instead of persevering, Shay tries to shoot someone else down. Shay screams that she's jumping through hoops at 393 pounds, which is in fact some kind of effing perseverance. This whole thing has that fighting parents vibe that makes me want to hide in my room and cry. Soon enough Shay's out. Rudy has, like, nothing on his hoop jumping counter. He wins immunity. I think Sami wants to hide in her room and cry, too. Sami notes that relationship strategy was at play, and Rudy says that it's clearly four against four. This is all bad news.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we learn that Rebecca and Amanda have stolen two spin bikes from the gym and put them in Daniel and Shay's room. They have secret nightly room workouts, and hope that the oldsters think that they're sleepy and lazy. Shay thinks this is one of the best ideas they've ever had. I'm actually not so sure about that, but I guess we'll see.

The next day, Bob greets the contestants as they are putting nuts in Zip-Loc bags and tells them that Jillian's out for a little while. It's just Bob. The Losers announce that Rudy has won the challenge, and there's some allusion to the drama that occurred. Rudy says that things are good now, but Shay's expression says otherwise. Liz tells us that everyone is walking on eggshells. Bob tells the contestants that the circus challenge is appropriate, because he has a trapeze workout for them today. But first, product placement! LaraBars. You can throw them in your purse! Mmm, Cherry Pie. In the words of Liz, "Mmm, these are good!" Gah.

Swinging last chance workout! The contestants work the trapeze, which apparently can kick your ass. Bob tells Shay that she looks stressed, and that she has to relax. He adds that both he and Jillian believe that she needs to be there. Danny, meanwhile, can't even do push-ups because his hands are so sweaty. The others are in similar straits. By the end of the workout, Liz says, she was DONE. By the time it's over, Danny is face down on the floor in a pool of his own sweat. No one said being a Biggest Loser was pretty. And then, as if things weren't bad enough, the contestants come back to the gym and face Jillian. Double last chance workout! Danny tells us that they're dead. Shay drags Jillian across the gym by a resistance band. Allen jumps through a truck tire. Jillian berates Danny for spending too much time on a trampoline like a girl. There is lots of screaming throughout, which goes without saying. Rudy falls facedown on a treadmill. He seems to maintain all of his teeth. It's really the best he can hope for.

And then it's the weigh-in. The historical weigh-in of the red line. Two people will be going home, and one won't even have the chance to plead his or her case. The person who falls below the red line will be out immediately. The two people below the yellow line will be up for elimination per usual. Where now there are eight, there will soon be six.

Rudy has immunity, and so will weigh in first. He goes from 332 to 324, for a loss o

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