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Oh, Sherry

What have I done today to make me feel proud? Well, I took a delicious antibiotic to help me continue to get rid of my pneumonia. WTF, lungs?

The Blue Team hangs out in the house awaiting the return of the Black Team and corresponding news of who's eliminated. Sadly for Daris, it was Cheryl who got the boot. His curly mop goes straight for a moment in despair. Also, he fights back tears. Stephanie tells him that everyone has grown attached to Cheryl, and they're really going to miss her. Daris kind of takes it in stride, and then goes to his room to be sad in solitude.

The next day, the contestants head to the gym where Sami awaits them. There are two podiums with buzzers, and Koli rues the fact that they're going to have to deal with trivia questions. He says, "Now it's more about smarts than it is about physical strength. I am in trouble." He just told us that he's dumb! Which is a dumb thing to do, and so proves his point. Sami tells the contestants that in the two months they've been on campus they should have learned the most important lesson of the competition: if you want to change your body, first you have to change your mind. And change into a sports bra. Sami continues that the more you know the more successful you'll be, which shall be proven in today's pop challenge. It is indeed head-to-head trivia, one Blue versus one Black Team member per question. The questions are based on information found in [warning: product placement] the newest Biggest Loser book, Six Weeks to a Healthier You. It contains much of the same information found in the book, Six Weeks to a Healthier Ewe, but with less shearing.

Each contestant who answers a question correctly gets a point for his or her team. If a contestant gets the answer wrong, the opposing team gets a chance to answer it for a point. The first team to get three points will win. Stephanie is confident that the Black Team has an advantage, because boys are dumb. The team that wins will win an overnight trip to the Four Seasons, replete with a gourmet meal and luxury spa treatments. Ashley is convincing with her logic that after eight weeks of sweating and puking and generally being disgusting, she wants a freaking facial. But wait! Sami tells the contestants that the losing team must stay on campus and clean the kitchen. The entire group recoils in horror. Apparently they have a messy-ass kitchen. Ooh, burn, they have to clean the gym too. O'Neal does not like the prospect of wiping up his own crusted-on sweat from the gym floor. Everyone has plenty of motivation to win this one.

Ashley is up against Daris in round one. Sami says that brown rice is a great source of protein and fiber. That's just fact. The question is, how much fiber does one cup of brown rice have compared to one cup of white rice? The potential answers are: a) 2 times; b) 3.5 times; c) 5 times. Ashley buzzes in and guesses 5 times. Wrong! Daris guesses 3.5, which is right. The Blue Team gets a point. Koli is next, going against Drea. He laments Drea's smarts. Sami reads the next question. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats, meaning that they're not produced in the body. Which of the following is a source of omega-3 fatty acids? The potential answers are: a) salmon; b) peanuts; c) blueberries. Drea buzzes in and guesses blueberries. Is she for real? Koli guesses salmon, which is of course the right answer. I know very little about nutrition, and even I thought that was a no-brainer. The Blue Team has two points. Sami launches into the next question. Many fruits contain a concentrated source of antioxidants called ellagic acid. Ellagic acid has been found to promote wound healing and fight heart disease. Which fruit contains the highest amount of ellagic acid? Contestants Lance and Sam have no idea with the heck she's talking about. Even Sami has no idea what she's talking about. The choices are: a) bananas; b) pomegranate; c) strawberries. I think you always go with the pomegranate, right? Lance subscribes to this theory as well, but it's the wrong answer. Sami goes for strawberries, which is correct! Two to one, Blue Team.

The next round is O'Neal versus Sherry. Old-fashioned steel cut oats are an insoluble fiber that promotes blood pressure control. Which other grain promotes blood pressure control? The choices are: a) brown rice; b) flax seed; c) whole wheat pasta; d) none of the above. O'Neal rings in and guesses flax seed, which is incorrect. Sherry goes with "none of the above," which is correct! It's a tie game. Michael steps up to go against Stephanie. Sami notes that an avocado is an excellent example of good fat that contains many vitamins and nutrients that also help to absorb other fat-soluble vitamins. How many calories does a one ounce serving of avocado have? I ate half a container of guacamole tonight, so I am interested in this answer. The choices are: a) 50; b) 60; c) 70. Michael buzzes in and guesses 50. It's correct, and so the Blue Team wins. They could use a little beautifying, I guess. The Black Team girls are pissed, though. Everyone gets a book, which is cold, annoying comfort.

The Blue Team members get in their luxury limo and gloat about their brains and brawn. They're dropped off at the Four Seasons, still in their Biggest Loser shorts and sweatshirts. Those poor people. Everyone's pretty psyched about the digs, and O'Neal points out the novelty of having a chandelier in his room. He goes for a dip in the gigantic indoor pool and doesn't feel bad for the Black Team at all. The members of the Black Team pity themselves something fierce, though, as they start to attack the gross kitchen. Sam points out that with all the ladies on the Black Team doing the cleaning they've fallen into a bit of a stereotype. I bet they all get their periods at the same time, too. Complain all you will, though, there's nothing like a clean and disinfected kitchen! Oh, but massages and mud masks are pretty great, too. Daris in his beauty treatment mode is pretty hilarious.

Back in the kitchen, we learn that Ashley works in a spa. She helps other people relax, but never has time to get services herself. As she covers her mouth with her shirt to protect herself from the sink odors, Koli gets a neck massage in front of a zen birdhouse. He never wants to go back to the ranch. Ooh, and now the Black Team hits the gym. To clean it. It's pretty disgusting. Sam spills the mop bucket, and the Black Team's only hope is that the Blue Team members are, like, eating pounds of jalapeno poppers. Sadly for them, the Four Seasons menu actually has a "wellness" side stacked with healthy yet delicious options. Michael takes a bite of something delicious with the world's smallest fork, which provides quite a visual. Lance tells us that one benefit of being thinner is that you can actually pull your chair up next to the table. This way you avoid dropping food on your stomach. I never thought about that. The Blue Team toasts to their awesomeness.

We sit down with the Black Team the next day, and Sam says that he felt like a mopey, whiny bitch all day yesterday. They're all a bit demoralized by their losing streak, and so Sam gives them a pep talk. He says they can't go into the week with the mentality that they'll never beat the guys on the Blue Team, or they'll fail. It's time to win the weigh-in. Black hits the gym, where Jillian directs them while wearing some sort of crazy rocker chick coat over her workout gear. Weird! She says that the Black Team is devastated right now. But, she adds, you don't come to The Biggest Loser to go to the Four Seasons. You come to lose 200 pounds off of your ass. Fair enough.

The Blue Team returns, all relaxed and beautiful. They see the Black Team working the hell out, and don't want to fall behind. Bob also doesn't want to see his team getting cocky just because they won the last weigh-in. He thus beats them to within an inch of their lives. Mike still finds the strength to make a bad Tiger Woods joke.

Ooh! And then it's time for a very special episode of Dr. Phillian. Ashley is starting to get to the bottom of some deeper issues, but she still has a tremendous amount of weight to lose. Jillian asks Ashley what her problem i

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