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Oh, Sherry
e strong, and says that her journey will continue at home. Sherry adds that Ashley's dad would be proud of her, and that she's proud of Ashley, but that most of all Ashley should be proud of herself. Ashley cries a lot, and in turn says that she's proud of her mom. Pride on three! Also, it's a good thing they had that talk earlier this episode. Dr. Phillian knows her timing.

Sherry tells us that before The Biggest Loser, she didn't take care of herself at all. When her husband died she fell into a big ravine, filled with pork rinds. She put her health in jeopardy. Her husband fought hard for his life and did everything he could to live, and she wasn't doing that. She's thankful for the opportunity to change. Sherry found life and energy inside herself that she didn't know she had. She's lost 55 pounds, and sees that possibilities are endless. She thinks that her husband would be proud of her, because she's ready to move forward with her life. Sherry tells us that the next time we see her, she'll be so tiny but still strong enough to carry that big, $100,000 check.

We check in with Sherry in Knoxville, where she's going to participate in the paddling penguin mixed boat race at a local lake. Previously, she was embarrassed to get her bigger body in a boat. But no longer! And holy cow, Sherry looks fantastic! Like, no joke. She started at 218 pounds, and now she's at 138. That's 80 pounds total. Sherry is psyched to be able to fit into a kayak, and paddles her heart out. She says that The Biggest Loser has been an amazing adventure, and she found herself along the way. She's excited about life again, and is going to do the things she's always wanted to. She visits her husband's grave and reads a letter to him. In its closing lines, she vows to live life and enjoy it. Life is about the journey, and she's had an amazing one. She can't wait to see what the next chapter of her life entails. Sherry is currently 138 pounds, and by the finale she plans to reach the weight she was on her wedding day 30 years ago.

Next week: The contestants go home for a week, to great fanfare.

Find out why Kirstie Alley's Big Life is filled with empty calories.

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