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Back in the gym, Jillian checks in with Gina about her mental state. Hoo boy. Gina talks about how everyone thinks she's crazy and annoying, and no one ever fights on her behalf. Jillian notes that Gina is in a cycle that involves ostensibly giving generously of her self; then feeling disappointed, rejected and alone when her efforts are not adequately appreciated (and I'm sure no type of appreciation is adequate in her book); and then acting like a raging see-you-next-Tuesday in response; which in turn creates more loneliness. That is Gina's life pattern, and she doesn't know how to stop. One word: meds. It turns out that Gina doesn't have relationships with a whole lot of family members and friends because of exactly this pattern. Food is her one reliable friend. Except for Girl Scout Cookies, which are fair-weather friends only and not there at all the times when Gina needs them. Have I mentioned that I'm on my last box of Girl Scout Cookies? Talk about facing fears. Jillian tells Gina to "give" and "do" for herself, and she'll feel a lot better.

And then Jeff and Jackson go for a hike! Jeff gets a dusty bum after falling, and Jackson appears to have an asthma attack. I guess they were trying to find the Hollywood sign, and didn't realize that they were on the entirely wrong mountain. They get to the top and are super-sweaty but seemingly happy.

We then check in with Biingo's mom, Michelle, who is learning how to puree some vegetables. God, it seems like a lot of work to put soupy vegetables in a meatloaf. Biingo is a little suspicious looking at the meatloaf, but still eats it. Victory! But then Michelle tells him about the vegetables, and after initially gagging Biingo seems okay with the situation. There were more vegetables in the meatloaf than Biingo has eaten during his ENTIRE LIFE. Triumph of the spirit!

And then it's time for the facing of the fears! Gina admits to Jillian that she's claustrophobic, and Jillian in turn leads her to an empty coffin with her photo on it. Her directive to Gina is to get in the coffin and think about how she can change her life. I would crawl in that thing and start instantly napping. It looks really relaxing. Jillian closes the coffin lid on Gina, who of course instantly starts whimpering, "I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" Can you actually suffocate in a closed coffin? That would be an interesting twist. But then she says she has a second chance. And then she sees a white light! And hears Jillian screaming. Ugh, confronted with that, death would be a relief. Through much goading, Gina finally mumbles that she's a good person, and Jillian -- leaning on the coffin -- pumps her fist. Oh my God, what a bunch of assholes on this show. Then Jillian walks away, full of her victory, leaving Gina to die a long, slow suffocating death in the aftermath of her emotional breakthrough. The contestants' challenge for the week is to dig a 12-foot grave for Gina while wearing 30-pound sacks of bacon fat on their backs, for a chance to win a lifetime supply of turkey subs.

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