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Joe is next, and goes from 273 to 261, for a loss of 12 pounds or 4.76%. He's passed the 100 pound lost mark, and is the first to do so. Believe it or not, Jackson is actually circling the yellow line, with Alex and Danni still to weigh in. Alex needs to have lost more than 8 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 195 to 187, for a loss of 8 pounds exactly or 4.1%. A great number, but nonetheless she's below the yellow line. So it all comes down to Danni. She'll also need to have lost more than 8 pounds, which Jillian notes is a very tall order. Danni goes from 194 to 184, for a loss of 10 pounds! She's understandably thrilled, and kind of starts to hyperventilate. Jillian is astounded, too. Danni has lost 5.15%, and is the Biggest Loser of the week! Gina still is the Biggest Loser overall, though.

This of course leaves Alex and Jackson below the yellow line. Let's hope that Jackson doesn't volunteer to be eliminated and piss Jillian off even further. The contestants vote quickly, and everyone has a difficult time choosing between them. Joe votes for Alex, given how inspiring Jackson has been. Danni also votes for Alex, and that's enough to send her home. Alex says that she's taking a lot home with her, and feels she can return home as a confident person. She hugs the other contestants, and exits the building. After she's gone, Ali announces to the other contestants that they've made it to makeover week! And they'll be going home to reveal their new, svelte selves to the people they love most!

We catch up with Alex today. She started on the ranch at 240 pounds, and now weighs 170! That's a loss of 70 pounds, which is apparently enough to allow her to rock a mini-skirt. Jillian accused Alex of not giving it her all, and Alex is intent on proving her wrong. To do this, she basically lives at Planet Fitness. Alex and her mom now wear the same size, and the fitting room is her best friend! Alex looks gorgeous, but now knows that she's more than just a pretty face. Her goal is to be 140 pounds by the finale, and also she is planning to take the LSAT. You have to be skinny to fit into the desks in the testing room, you know.

Next week: Makeovers! Tim Gunn! Parties at home! Oh no, but also the devil mozzarella sticks!

If you're looking for Potes, she's in Dolvett's Dungeon. Tweet her @traciepotes or email for more tales of inspiration.

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