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It's debate night! Preceded by more Biggest Loser family goodness! I think that McCain and Obama should have to debate while on a treadmill with Jillian screaming at them. Then we'll see what they're really made of. Though I guess Dr. H. should have a look at McCain first, huh?

Ed begins the episode by telling us how awesome it is to have a season of families who are either sworn to it or born to it. Brady tells us that it makes all the difference in the world to have his wife there, and that they're motivating and feeding each other. Not literally, unless it's with Jennie-O Turkey or a nice Subway sandwich. As always with Brady and Vicky, it's really nice for them to share the experience of berating one another and smirking in a mean fashion at their competitors. Oh, and hey, have you heard that Renee and Michelle hadn't spoken to one another in five and a half years before they decided to de-chub? And now they get to work out their issues as they work out. Shellay agrees that it's great to have family members there, but reminds us of last week's twist. The elimination of one team member rather than the whole duo was scary, and a reminder that anything could happen. Coleen tells us that she and Jerry together decided that he should go home. This leaves her as the only family team without a family member, and it sucks. She feels alone without her support system. Next they'll take away her sports bra. Unsupported and alone! The cruelty!

Jillian enters and greets her team, which now consists of five women. She asks the other team members to step out of the room so she can have a one-on-one with Coleen. She is then in full-on Dr. Phillian mode, wanting to make sure that Coleen doesn't have guilt or feelings of responsibility about Jerry's ouster. Coleen says she just wants to be able to help her dad more, and Jillian tells her that Jerry is the only one who can help Jerry. It's time for Coleen to focus on herself. Coleen finds this a little scary. Dr. Phillian pep talks her, and in the end Coleen says that her dad has given her the greatest gift by letting her stay on the ranch.

As Phil pours himself some water from a conspicuously placed Brita pitcher in a conspicuously labeled Brita fridge underneath a conspicuously labeled Brita closet, he tells us that no one knows what's going to happen now, and so the best thing you can do is work your butt off and stay above the yellow line. For his part, Bob is happy that week four is showing him the fire inside of his team members. Vicky tells us that she's noticing that everyone else is getting stronger, while she has a lot of injuries. She and Bob steal off to talk about it. Vicky is worried about not being able to run, but Bob tells her that if she walks at higher inclines she'll see a comparable jump in the number of calories she's burning. He interviews that you have to find things that you can do to work around your injuries and keep you in the house. And then the serious Brown shit starts coming out. Vicky says that Brady is pulling her back. He can run and hit his calories in half the time that Vicky can, and so when she has to stay up late and exercise he gets frustrated, mad and rude. Well, there's a shocker. Vicky says she just gives in to him. Somehow I can't imagine that. Bob tells her that she needs to do what she needs to do. Vicky then lets out that this has been hard for her during their whole marriage. Well, then! It looks like Dr. Phillian's services are needed on both sides of the gym floor, doesn't it? Bob, who suddenly has a haircut in his interview clip, says that married couples can be enablers. Vicky has to figure out some shit on her own and take care of herself, he says, and there's nothing wrong with that. Vicky knows what she has to do and isn't going to let anyone -- even if she did promise to love and honor and split a 100 calorie snack pack with him -- get in her way.

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