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Care Package of Pain

Back in Greenville, it's time for Phil and Amy to leave. They are pretty sad about it, as is their one sensitive son. But, as Phil says, two months isn't really a long time in the whole scheme of things, but it can change their lives dramatically. Phil and Amy are a nice couple with a nice family and so much more pleasant to watch than Brady and Vicky.

It's challenge time on the Universal Studios back lot! There is a big water tank and handlebars and chains involved. What kind of kinky shit is Jillian getting them into now? And how do I sign up? Everyone is starting to get a little nervous. Sami greets the teams and makes a whole lot of metaphors about grabbing on tight to persevere when you feel over your head. The teams will each be standing on a bar underwater and holding onto handlebars. This will become more difficult as water leaves the tank inch by inch. The person who can hold onto the bar the longest wins the challenge for their family. Thus, every team has two chances to win... except for Coleen. Oh, please, Jerry couldn't even do most of the challenges! Stop trying to make her feel bad, Samantha Brady. The reward for the winning team will be packages from home. Vicky, who really misses her kids, is hoping to win. The winning family will also win a 3-day family VIP pass to Universal Studios Hollywood, including airfare and a VIP theme park experience. Red Amy is ready to fight to win this for her boys.

The teams enter the water. Michelle confirms for us that it all seemed easy at first, but they realized that it would soon get tough. At 15 minutes, everyone is still hanging on even though they're having trouble keeping their balance as the water is drained. NBC should take a photo of all of them to replace the "Hang in there!" kitten posters available worldwide. At 45 minutes, they're all still hanging in there like said kittens, but soon after Renee drops. Coleen is next out. Red Amy looks like she might throw up. After 55 minutes, Heba drops out, followed by Michelle. Suddenly we're at 80 minutes. These bitches know how to hang. Ed is next to drop out. Purple Amy is having some shooting pains at 90 minutes, and Sami then tells the contestants that they have to choose one arm to hang by. Sami has to get up early and go to work, I think, so wants to get a move on. Purple Amy wonders how the crap she's going to do this with one hand. Shellay is soon out, followed by Red Amy and Phil. This leaves Vicky and Brady, both of whom are in it for Brown, versus Purple Amy at 100 minutes. And then Brady goes out, which means we have Vicky and Purple Amy in a fight to the chain-hanging death!

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