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Sami tells us that Ed made it clear to America that he wanted Heba to be the third finalist, and Heba says she's the luckiest lady in the world. She hopes that she's part of an all-female final tonight. And then Ed himself comes out, quite hilariously punching a hole directly through the man-boobs of his giant portrait. I have to say, Ed looks pretty fly. Sami asks him if he's surprised every time he looks in the mirror. He admits that things look a little different there, but it's all good. Ed reiterates that he wants Heba to be in the final three -- it was her idea to be on the show from the beginning, and he thinks she deserves it. However, America thinks differently. EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT of people voted for ED! Dayum! Well, that's what Heba gets for sucking so hard for the bulk of the season. Crucified! I'm sure she'll figure out a way to blame Phil for all this. In any case, this means the final three are Vicky, Michelle and Ed.

And now it's time to bring out all the contestants who were booted throughout the season. First we have married couple Adam and Stacey. Girl, Stacey looks FIERCE. Then there's father and son team L.T. and Tom. They... are still kind of big. And thus, Stacey is Sami's first point of contact. Sami reminds us that Stacey was kicked off in the first week and so she alone can take credit for her tight bod. Stacey says it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Meanwhile, Tom says that his whole family is getting skinnier, which is a good thing!

The contestants head backstage to change into their workout gear, and Bob and Jillian enter the set. Jillian wisely chose to wear an all black pants and button-down shirt ensemble. Bob is in some buttoned up prep school gear with shit-kicking boots and a shiny belt. He looks like Le Petit Ecolier as interpreted by The Village People. They take their places on stage and say nothing, and we head back to the first four eliminated contestants who are about to get weighed.

Adam is up first. He wanted to get down to 220 pounds by the finale. Let's see if he did it! Adam started at 340 pounds. He now weighs 260, for a loss of 80 pounds! That's 23.53%. As he's the first to be weighed, he's in the default lead for the at-home prize. Not for long, though, as Stacey is next on the scale. Stacey didn't want her children to go through what she's gone through as a child and an adult. Stacey has needs to lose more than 52 pounds to take the lead for the at-home prize. She started at 221, and now weighs 156. That's a loss of 65 pounds, or 29.41%. Yay! She really looks awesome. Next up is L.T. As previously mentioned, he comes from a big family, and didn't want to end up unhealthy like his dad. L.T. was pretty certain that he would win the at-home prize. His self-confidence was based in absolutely nothing, so I'm not particularly optimistic about his chances. To take the lead, he needs to lose more than 105 pounds. He started at 357 pounds, and now weighs 270. That's a loss of 87 pounds, or 24.37%. Stacey remains in the lead! L.T.'s dad, Tom, is next. Within weeks of being on the ranch, Tom was able to go off all nine of his medications. Also, Tom used to wear really big pants! In any case, Tom needs to lose more than 92 pounds to take the lead from Stacey. He started at 314 pounds, and now weighs 236, for a loss of 78 pounds. That's 24.84%, which is quite a feat but not enough to displace Stacey.

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