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Now it's time to bring out more contestants! We have father-daughter team Jerry and Coleen. Yay! Jerry looks pretty great, and has a massive spring in his step, which is so nice to see. And Coleen is gorgeous as always. Then Sami brings out Shellay and Amy C. Holy crow, Shellay! She is Alison Janney's doppelganger. You could slip her in as Violet in the upcoming Broadway musical version of 9 to 5 and no one would be any the wiser. She is also skin-nay. Then Amy emerges, and holy crow part deux! She's wearing an off the shoulder dress and looks freaking phenomenal. Sami reminds us that Jerry was kind of at death's door when he came to the ranch. But Dr. H. did some tests recently on Jerry, which he's going to tell us about. Dr. H.'s hair is getting out of control, and he looks disconcertingly like Danny Bonaduce (whom you most certainly would not want as your primary care provider). In any case, Dr. H. exclaims that Jerry is running 5Ks, and all of his manifold diseases are gone. He went from having a "real age" of 76 to 52, and is obviously feeling so much better! Yay, Jerry!

Our new batch of contestants change into their workout gear and prepare to step on the scale. Jerry needs to have lost more than 111 pounds to take the lead. He started at 380 pounds, and now weighs 265, for a loss of 115. That's 30.26%, and Jerry is now in first place. Sami mentions how good he looks in a uniform, and the whole audience starts chanting, "Jerry! Jerry!" Awwwwwwww. But really, how can you not love Jerry? He should get a cash prize just for being so cool. Coleen is next up on the scale. Coleen has achieved her goal of shopping off the rack. Such pleasures can't be underestimated. Coleen must lose more than 65 pounds to best Jerry. She started at 218 and now weighs 154, for a difference of 64. She's thrilled, even though at 29.36% she hasn't taken the lead from her dad. She gives him a huge hug, then gives Jillian and Bob a huge hug, too, because that's how she rolls.

Shellay is next on the scale, and she suffered through wanting to feel comfortable in her own skin. She finally believes that she's beautiful after taking off the weight. Sami tells Shellay that there was no question that she was always beautiful, and adds that she must lose more than 65 pounds to take the lead for the at-home prize. She goes from 216 to 142 for a loss of 74 pounds. Yay! That's 34.26%, and Shellay is currently in first place. Amy C. is up next, and at the beginning of the show talked about how people thought she'd be cute, if only she'd lose weight. Amy is beyond cute now -- she's a stone fox! Amy has to lose more than 81 pounds to take the lead from Shellay. She goes from 239 pounds to 135, for a loss of 104! Woah! That's 43.51%. The crowd is going crazy, and Bob is so full of pride he can't stand it.

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