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Vicky explains her routine, which involves getting up at 4:00 a.m., working out for an hour, then making her lunch and going to work. It appears that Vicky works in a hospital. At 5:00 p.m., Vicky gets off of work and heads to the gym. She gets home around 8:30 or 9:00 at night. That pretty much sucks, and means that she misses everything with her kids every day of the week. Thus, she feels like a bad mom and is basically guilty all the time. But she doesn't want her kids to think that she's a quitter, so she's going to follow this through to the end. Vicky adds that she's working and working and not seeing any results. She's only lost 2 pounds in seven weeks, which is very disheartening. ["Maybe if she actually tried to eat these things called vegetables she'd lose more weight. Just a thought." -- Angel] But, she says, she's getting stronger and doing the best she can, and she's proud of that.

Finally, we see what happened to Michelle when she left the ranch. She tells us that the Michelle who came to the ranch was a girl who was hurting for so long, but now she's ready to live her life. She's hoping that her family sees her results and are proud of her. There's a big old group waiting to welcome her home, and all of them are dressed in bright pink. She says that right now, life is perfect. Mel, Michelle's father, says that Michelle will win the competition hands down because of what's inside of her. Awww. Everyone is so proud. And hey! Michelle drives to see her mom! I totally thought they, like, lived in different states. But I guess they don't! And now they can hang out! Because they've healed their relationship through the magic of portion control and cardio! Renee cries when she tells us that seeing Michelle walk through her door was the best feeling ever. Michelle used to associate pain, hurt, and anger with her mom, but now she's committed to forgiving her mother and loving her right where she's at.

Michelle eats at Subway, which I know will come as a big surprise. She even brings Subway takeout to her family. What, no J-ello or Extra Sugar-Free Gum for dessert? They are all getting healthier. But no one is getting as healthy as Michelle, who is pushing it at the gym. She says she knows that Heba and Vicky are doing everything they can to win, and she knows she can beat them. That's the attitude! When it's all said and done, Michelle says, she is going to be the next Biggest Loser.

And then it's time to see our finalists live! Well, we've already seen Ed, so that's not particularly exciting. Next it's time for Vicky's big reveal. She takes a year to break through the poster of her bigger self, and then Sami totally has to yell at her to stop just standing there already and come on down with the rest of them. Vicky totally almost bites it on her wobbly heels, and Bob walks over to escort her to her mark. Is she drunk? I think she's making Sami very nervous. Vicky is extremely giggly, which lends credence to my drunk theory. Vicky does look really good, if overly made up in the tradition of women on the Biggest Loser finale. Sami asks Vicky to tell women at home how to juggle a healthy lifestyle with taking care of kids and working and whatnot. Vicky says that it was really hard at first, and she was struggling with trying to balance everything. But the contestants apparently had a conference call one day and Vicky was breaking down, and Phillip of all people told her to live in the moment. Vicky admits that this wasn't what she was doing -- she was so focused on the game, and needed to reevaluate her priorities. So she started giving her kids her undivided attention when she was with them, and felt empowered by her "me" time when working out. All of the puzzle pieces fell together for her. Sigh. I hate when reality contestants end up having multi-faceted personalities. I will note, however, that she never actually THANKS Phil for having a kind word despite all that happened and being the catalyst for her turnaround. Maybe she took his photo off her Revenge Vision Board for a day, though.

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