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In With the Old

Finally, there is Tara. If you ask me, she's looking a little nervous. Gorgeous, but nervous. Tara needs to have lost more than 160 pounds to beat Helen. The vein in her forehead appears to want to reach out and strangle Helen. Sami throws it to a commercial break, then comes back and prattles on some more just to torture us and make me wonder if my DVR is going to cut off the ending. For god's sake, shut up, Sami! Finally Tara steps on the scale. She goes from 294 to 139 for a loss of 155. Helen WINS! Go, old people!!! Bob and Jillian give Helen a giant hug, and then a big boom goes off and scares Sami as she is talking, and then a piece of confetti lands in her cleavage. That piece of confetti is the Biggest Winner.

Well, another season -- this time an especially long season -- has come to an end. Congrats to Jerry and Helen, who rock. And thank you all for reading! Do something this summer to make you feel proud, and I'll see you all in the fall!

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Potes thinks that Jerry and Helen should form a motivational speaking supercouple named "Jelen." You can reach her at

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