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And then it's time to revisit the season with Bob and Jillian. Did I mention that Jillian is rocking some stripper heels? It's pretty great. They have a montage of highlights, and Bob says that this season affected him so much because he takes his job very personally. He loves all of the contestants, and acknowledges that it was an emotional and stressful season. Everyone one of the contestants is a success story, he says, and he's proud of all of them. Sami asks Jillian why she thinks the show affects so many people. Jillian answers that it's iconic, and is changing the face of America. She says that the show isn't about being fat and getting skinny -- it's about people realizing their dreams, and that's why it resonates. Well said. We go to commercials, and poor Erinn and Amanda get a break, thankfully.

When we return, Sami introduces the winner of The Biggest Loser: Australia, Bob, who lost 193 pounds. His daughter-in-law, Tiffany, who is a stone fox, lost 119 pounds. Bob has made quite a transformation, and is 57 years old. Like Jerry, he collapsed on the first day and everyone thought he'd be dead. Tiffany was the runner-up and also feels amazing.

And now it's time to focus on our three finalists. You know their deals. At 18, Mike was the youngest competitor on the show. He was quite heavy, and said at the outset that he was heading toward a premature death. But then he worked his ass off, literally, first with Bob and then with Jillian. In the process, he went from boy II man, and hoped to be an inspiration to his brother, Max. He says that he hated himself when he came to campus, but now he's full of confidence. He really is a sweet kid, and a hottie to boot. Oh, and Erinn and Amanda are still working out. I hate this. Thank goodness it will soon be over.

Next, we follow Helen's journey. Wow, did she lose a tremendous amount of weight. I forgot how big she was at the beginning. Helen also started with Bob then shifted to Jillian, and showed a tremendous amount of guts and tenacity at 48 years old. In the process she became a powerhouse and an unexpected threat. She amazed herself, and feels beautiful. And then there's Tara. She won a record-breaking 12 challenges and set a record for weight loss by a woman on campus. And for 18 straight weeks, she never fell below the yellow line. Basically, she's a rock star. Tara came into the competition feeling like she was missing out on her life, and then her life became working out. From week to week she was exceptional. Remember when she pulled that car? Yeah. I think that "Phenomenal Woman" poem was written about her. Seriously, she deserves it. I'd be happy with any of the final three winning, but I'm pulling for her.

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