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We take a commercial break, and then get to see Mikey and Helen and Tara, oh my! Mike was out earlier, of course, and looks great, but like he could use a solid meal. Then there's Helen. She's also wearing a hot pink dress and has some guns of her own. Seriously, she looks amazing. Check out the gams on that woman! Like some of the other more mature contestants, however, she neglected to realize that the sleeveless outfit / full arm wave combo is not your friend. Sami asks Helen about her crazy workout techniques. Helen gives a shout-out to her trainers, who had her lifting tractor tires and running up and down stadium stairs. She was basically training for football and wrestling, and it clearly worked for her. We then get to see Tara. And holy shit, you guys. She is so freaking hot! She looks amazing in a blue and green dress. She wants to go see her fellow Losers but Sami reins her in for an interview. The audience starts chanting her name, which I think makes her cry. Sami asks Tara how she managed to find balance at home. Frankly, I sincerely doubt that she took Jillian's advice to have a glass of pinot grigio every once in a while. Tara gives props to her friends, who brought stability to her life. Sami then asks Helen if she can take these two kids, and Helen says she has a good chance. I think she might, actually. It's anyone's game! Since Tara won the last weigh-in, she gets to decide the weigh-in order. She wants Helen to go first, followed by Mike, and then herself.

We have a commercial break, then return to find Erinn and Amanda standing onstage. They're ready to learn America's vote. This is cruel, right? It's not just me? Sami does say that the person who doesn't win will get the Biggest Loser at-home fitness program. Eh. America voted for Amanda, even though she's less pretty, because she seems nicer. After the backstage workout, I think Erinn is probably kind of relieved.

And now, it's time for the weigh-ins for real. There is more montage, even though we've just had montages about each of the three finalists. Helen steps on the scale, and is feeling great. She goes from 257 to 117 for a loss of 140. Well damn, woman! That's 54.47%, in case you were wondering. Helen is delirious with glee, as she should be. Mike is up next. To take the lead from Helen, he needs to have lost more than 211 pounds. He seems doubtful. He goes from 388 to 181 for a loss of 207! That's 53.35%, which is awesome. But not as awesome as Helen! Sorry, kid. Mike laughs a whole bunch, and I can't tell if it's because he's happy or unhappy or hungry. Probably a combination of all three. In any case, we're once again going to have a female Biggest Loser!

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