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Now we're on to Professor Hoebel (a.k.a. Brett). Who knew he had a last name? He's dressed in a suit and tie, with glasses. He's only missing patches on his sleeves. And we learn that his father is a professor of neuroscience at Princeton. Impressive, pops. First question asks the contestants (who are being quizzed separately, but edited together) to identify an anaerobic exercise from some multiple choices. Everyone but Irene gets it right. They have to identify macronutrients. Hanna gets a 77. Irene winds up with an 80. Jay gets an 88. Olivia gets an 83. Austin gets 83 points. And they move on to the next segment of their test.

Boxing with Cara. Olivia thinks this might be her downfall. Her first rule is no smiling and laughing. I really think that the first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club, but Cara disagrees. The first challenge is to withstand smack talking. Hannah giggles. Then some basic sparring. Irene doesn't know her left from her right, she gets 70 pts. Olivia earns 100 percent, and looks totally fierce while doing it. I really want her to miss and punch Cara by accident. Jay says he's got reasons for being a fighter. He gets 95 points. Austin also gets a 95. Hannah somehow gets 92, even though she's goofy.

Jillian! Motivating! I expect some screaming!!! Wait, she wants them to help her stay motivated. It's role-playing. I wanted beatings. Hannah realizes that Jillian is mimicking her issues, and turns her words back against her. There's a lot of reverse Dr. Phillianing happening. Jillian was impressed with all of them, but Irene didn't force her to emotionally connect, so she gets an 85. Jay earns 90 pts. Austin didn't give how-tos, so he got 85 points. Olivia was positive, if not quite as informative, so she gets 89. Hannah blew her away, she gets 90 pts as well. Jillian thinks it bodes well for all of them.

Alison greets the contestants in the gym with an Xbox. Hannah wants to play, as she's a Mario master. They have to play the ultimate workout game on the Kinect, and someone made them avatars. How they perform at this ridiculous game will earn a score that will be added to their earlier totals. This probably has to piss Olivia off, as she's well in the lead, but she grins and bears it. They start playing and have to do workouts and get yelled at by a virtual Bob. Hannah and Olivia are neck-and-neck, and Hannah gets 100 pts. Olivia still wins by three points. She gets an Xbox and ten thousand dollars.

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