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And now, 40 minutes in, the actual workouts begin. Bob and Brett torture them in the gym. Cara has Hannah sparring in the outdoor ring. Jay realizes he's lucky to still be here (thanks, Tim Gunn!), and to that end, Jillian promises to beat the crap out of him. She thinks he hasn't been pulling his weight since he got back to the ranch, and wants to break him. She nearly does, as he falls off the stairclimber and has to be checked by medical before he can get back up. My mom was complaining about Jillian's bullying tonight, but some people need some tough love. I know I hate when trainers/instructors aren't pushy enough. Anyway, Jillian makes Jay cry and maybe gets through to him. Olivia runs around screaming that she's a champion, at Cara's encouraging. I hate Cara. Every week I get new reasons.

Cara comes in to teach Austin what "fighters" eat. Apparently, it is cereal and milk. Who knew? I thought it was like raw eggs, but maybe all the boxing movies I've seen have lied to me? Milk, it does a body good. At least according to Cara.

Then they are at their final challenge, faced with something that looks like giant stairs. They have to pile sandbags and climb up to each level. The winner gets a one-pound advantage. This challenge would look awesome, if I hadn't just seen insane stairs on Survivor in 110 degree heat. There's a breeze, here. I can see Austin's hair blowing in the wind. Hannah's back is bugging her, but she wants a girl to win. She does her best to barter with her muscles, but Austin still wins.

Time for their Subway field trip. Brett gets to go this time instead of Bob. Ignoring the rest of this product placement scene.

Last Chance Workout -- Killer B style (Brett is so cheesy), which means Brett and Bob, both clad in all black, take the boys to the gym to beat the hell out of them. Austin mentions that he didn't think he had a chance because he was one of the smaller guys, Hannah said something about not being big enough earlier. That is really demented, because they were both really obese. Bob lectures Jay for a while about only losing three pounds and not being a force to be reckoned with. He has him using these giant, kettle bell-looking things and trying to break the walls. The girls walk in with Cara, and Bob says he's working the girls out like boys. Bob has them on this awful-looking thing that looks like a broken Sit 'n Spin, that they move back and forth while in push-up position. Evil! I want it!

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