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Who will be in the final four? Olivia and Austin both won the challenges this week, so they have a big choice. Olivia can trade her 10 grand for a one-pound advantage. Austin can trade his pound for the money. Jillian looks like her head is going to explode because of this, because they are so skinny already that they have no weight to lose. Bob says that Olivia has killed herself to make her safe this week, and then he and Jillian start playing Devil's advocate. While she waffles, we move on to Austin's choice, since it is easy, he wants to keep his pound. We go to commercial still waiting for Olivia's decision. When we come back, she decides to keep the money because she feels that she earned it and would like to reward her husband. Jillian turns into a nervous wreck. Will it pay off? Let's find out.

Hannah goes first and loses four pounds for a total of 2.6 percent. She promises that next week she'll lose two more pounds and will officially lose 100 pounds. Irene has already crossed into the triple digit weight loss, so now everything is just gravy. She feels confident, and rightly so, as she drops another 5 lbs. (3.29%) She starts smiling from ear-to-ear when she realizes she's now in the 140 lb. range. Jay's up next, and he's wearing a shirt, so I can't see if he's still got that weird dent down his stomach. Why do they let the guys go shirtless on the scale when they are 400 pounds, but not when they are 200? It really makes no sense. My eyes have already been horrified, some saggy skin isn't going to do any more damage. So Jay loses 9 lbs, (3.53%) and starts fist pumping the air. Hannah starts freaking out that her name keeps moving down the list and is nearing the yellow line.

Olivia's panicking that she should have taken the pound instead of the cash, she's worried that she and her sister will both land below the yellow line. Olivia loses 5 lbs., which is great, but it isn't enough to guarantee her safety. If she'd taken the pound, she would have been OK. Olivia tries to justify her decision, but Jillian starts screaming at her, saying that staying on the ranch is the most important thing and that the girls going against each other is the worst-case scenario. There's quite a bit of profanity. Austin's up to determine who is safe. He needs to lose more than 6 pounds in order to push the sisters below the yellow line. He only loses one pound. All the trainers just stare in utter shock. Austin starts bawling about how his body didn't cooperate. Cara says she's so proud of him, Jillian basically rolls her eyes at her. Hannah and Austin are below the yellow line. Obviously, Olivia's going to keep her sister, how will the other votes fall? Austin's pretty sure that he's less well-liked than Hannah, so he presumes his fate is sealed.

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