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Voting time. Olivia votes against Austin, after giving him a speech about how awesome he is. Jay says Hannah brought him back into the game, so he has to vote against Austin. We don't see how Irene votes because the two votes are the majority, leaving Jay, Irene, Olivia and Hannah in the final four.

Austin seems happy that he lost an entire "normal-size man" with his 161 pounds, as he departs the ranch. He also claims that he's gone from boy to man during this journey. He's lost a few more pounds at home, and we see him boxing with his brother. He talks to fifth graders, because that's when he started packing on the pounds. He teaches them about strawberries. Revelation. He wrote a song about losing weight. He's not ashamed of performing in front of people... though maybe he should be, because this song is so lame we only hear one line of it. He wants to continue inspiring children. Who does he think he is? Jamie Oliver?

Next week, the final four go home to reveal their newly slim selves to the world, and Potes will be back to deal with all of that.

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