Biggest Loser
Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

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Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

Previously: Everyone said goodbye to Nicole, who was miraculously edited as a non-entity early on in the season, despite being apparently really fun and charming. At home, she turned into a total hot-tay with perhaps a passing resemblance to Monica Lewinsky.

We arrive on campus along with the early morning dew. Bob is in the dumps about having only one person left. Perhaps his healthy snack wrapped in a Ziploc bag will boost his spirits! Yellow and blue makes green for Neil, who tells Bob that the Black Team members are strutting around. He says he won't rest until he picks off every single one of them. Um, wasn't that his plan, like, seven weeks ago? Nice job with that, buddy. But you know, vengeance is Neil's, etc. etc. He knows that the finish line is right in front of him, and says he's going to full-on sprint to get there.

Jillian, meanwhile, is giving the Black Team some beatings in the desert. She reminds us that the Black members were outcasts and not chosen in the beginning, and now four of them are in the final five. Julie is happy with how much she's changed, and how strong she's become. Hollie is amazed by not only her physical transformation, but her mental transformation. She was literally crying on her first day in the desert, but now has no fear. Isabeau never thought she would be one of the final five. Meeee either. Bill says he lived his entire adult life obese without hope of being healthy, but being on the show has given him the strength and knowledge to know he can do it. Jillian gives her team a pep talk, and wants to make them the last four standing.

Bob takes Neil back to day one to see how far he's come. We get a few flashbacks of Neil grimacing. Fatly. Seriously, dude was huge. I mean, he's still huge, but he used to be, like, "living in a van down by the river" huge. Neil and Bob are ready to put in some hard work and get to the end.

The contestants head to a big demolition site, or, like, the big hole where they're about to put in a Target or something. Sami, never particularly skilled with numbers or specifics, tells the contestants that since arriving they've lost "a lot" of weight. She assumes they'd like to bury that weight forever. Happily, that's exactly what they're going to do in the Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal challenge! Neil, the all-time winner for losing the most challenges, says that he gets extra motivation from his desire to beat "Old Man" Bill. All the more reason to root for Bill, I say.

So, this week's challenge is just as confusing as all the others. Each contestant will have to drag a giant scale down his or her lane. Each lane has thirteen stops, and at each stop they'll load weight -- the same amount of weight that they lost on the corresponding week. Once all the weight is loaded, the contestants have to turn around, bring it back down the lane, and dump it in a pit. When all the weight is dumped, they throw the scale on top, raise a flag, and a load of dirt will drop on it -- burying their weight once and for all. Unhappily for all, weight is a renewable resource. The prize for the winner is $10,000. Booya! Bill says he's the guy to beat because of all his past wins, and he's already counting the money. ["I...don't get it. So the more weight you've lost -- the better you've done -- the more screwed you are? This is the most perverse set of incentives since...well, since the situations that get people food issues in the first place." -- Miss Alli]

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