Biggest Loser
Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

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Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

The contestants strap their scales to their backs and start running. This whole thing looks like a great way to throw out your back. Oh and ha! Neil has to put some weight back on the stop for week six, when he gained the 17 pounds. Jerk. Isabeau is the first person to get all of her weight on the scale, followed by Bill. Bill tries to run, but the fact that he lost so much damn weight is no help. Isabeau is like an effing mule, and doesn't even break a sweat getting to the big weight pit. She throws in her weight, followed by the scale, lifts the flag, and gets $10,000 and a dust bath. Poor Bill literally eats Isabeau's dust, and indicates that the experience was particularly unpleasant. The rest of the contestants bury their weight as a symbolic gesture, and seem happy about it. Wouldn't it be funny if Isabeau had actually won $10,000 worth of oatmeal?

Last chance workout! Neil is all by his lonesome, and Bob inflicts all sorts of torture to keep him above the yellow line. Bob tells Neil that he's doing it for the whole Blue Team, and that it's the most important weigh-in ever. Neil says that he's not going to give the Black Team the satisfaction of having all four of them make it to the end. Jillian, meanwhile, works her four team members like crazy, and tells us that it's going to go down. Isabeau starts complaining that she can't go as fast on the treadmill as Jillian wants her to, and Jillian tells us she can't hear "I can't" in Week Fourteen. She gives Isabeau a good screaming-at, and Isabeau starts crying. She's super-stressed.

Jillian tells Isabeau that this is when it's most important that she push through it, because this is where it matters the most. Lives are made in these moments, when you choose whether or not to say "I can't," or "I can." It's that choice that will make or break you in life. What about, "I might, if I feel like it, or maybe I will just sit on the couch and drink a glass of shiraz and watch Oprah, okay?" This show makes me really defensive about my hobbies. Isabeau tearily interviews that Jillian has been a lot more than a trainer for her. She's been a foxy lady love, and we all know how hard it is to give that up and go home to your sensitive, yet bony, boyfriend. Jillian tells Isabeau to try the faster speed on the treadmill for twenty seconds. She does, and luckily, she does not fly off. Isabeau says that Jillian has been a form of hope -- she's given Isabeau hope (as well as sensual pleasure beyond what she'd ever dreamed) and Isabeau doesn't know if she's ever going to be able to repay that. Isabeau tells Jillian that she's right all the time, which is kind of annoying. Jillian smiles kind of bashfully, which is super-cute, though I don't know if I like how these two are all of a sudden lovers. Don't think I'm above gaining 150 pounds just to lose it all on TV and win my woman back for good.

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