Biggest Loser
Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

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Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

And then, weigh-ins! Sami's hair is a conservative homage to Amy Winehouse, who, for the record, weighs as much as one of Isabeau's calves. Two folks are going to drop below the yellow line and be eligible for elimination, per usual. Neil is up first, and feels confident. Neil goes from 288 to 278, for a loss of 10. Oh, Jesus. I mean, good for him. He's had eleven double-digit weeks. His total loss is 3.47%, which certainly seems like enough to keep him safe. He's lost 143 pounds altogether, and is quite impressed by himself.

Hollie is next, and looking fine! She goes from 196 to 191, for a loss of 5. That's pretty good, right? She's lost 64 pounds total, and her percentage for this week is 2.55%. Then we have Bill. He goes from 213 to 204, for a loss of 9. Go, Bill! About a pound of that was in hair, I think. Bill starts tearing up and says he's so happy right now. This place has made his dreams come true. Bill interviews that he would have said he needed a miracle to get to 204 before he left the campus, and he guesses he got it. Awww. Hollie is bawling, too, though I'm not sure why. I think everyone is really tired and in need of a salami sandwich. Bill's total percentage is 4.23%, which puts him at the top of the pile. He's lost 130 pounds altogether, which is pretty impressive. Bill can't stop crying, and Sami congratulates him on making the final four. Hollie, meanwhile, looks miserable.

Julie is next, and needs to have lost more than five pounds to stay above the yellow line. She interviews that if she doesn't make the finale, she'll still be proud of her accomplishments and the changes she's made, but she won't have finished what she started. Julie goes from 168 to 160, for a loss of 8. Holy shit, how is that even possible? I think everyone is crying because they haven't drunk any water in a week and have taken to twice-daily enemas. A sore ass can make anyone emotional. Julie bawls and said that she did the best she could, and for once it is good enough. That's kind of a sad statement, isn't it? Julie's total percentage lost is 4.76%, which puts her in first place. Sadly, this puts Hollie below the yellow line. Hollie is BAWLING.

Isabeau has to lose more than seven pounds to stay safe, and push Neil below the yellow line. Neil wonders how it's even possible for someone to lose ten pounds and not be safe. It is some crazy shit. And then...WOAH! Isabeau goes from 225 to 217 for a loss of 8 pounds! She doubles over and bawls, then says that she's spent a long time selling herself short, but anything is possible if you believe and put in the work. This episode is one big Successories poster. Isabeau lost 3.56%, which puts her in third place and means she's safe. She's lost 81 pounds since training with Jillian, which is more than any other woman in the history of The Biggest Loser before going home. Bill interviews that it's crazy that one of the greatest competitors in the game fell below the yellow line, and after losing ten pounds to boot. Neil interviews that Bob deserves to have at least one Blue Team member standing on the dock. Ideally, that person would be Nicole. As it

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