Biggest Loser
Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

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Five Remaining Players Compete For Spot On Finale

We return to the campus, where Jillian awaits her team. She says the Black Team were the outcasts, the misfits, the unchosen. She did her job, and now she has to let go. Julie enters the weigh-in room and sees a cardboard cutout of herself at the start of the show. Jillian says that Julie was the self-proclaimed weakest link, but finishes as a person who is strong, courageous, and inspirational. She's a totally different woman. Julie tells Jillian that she believed in her, which no one else has ever done, and she'll be forever grateful. Oh, I just got a tear! Shut up. Julie is going to miss Jillian, who has become a friend. Bill is next, and can't believe the man-boobed specter he used to be. He says that guy didn't like himself very much, and he'd like to say goodbye to that guy forever. Jillian tells Bill that this is his accomplishment, and he's earned it. Bill is never going to let the fat guy that he was creep into his life again.

Isabeau tells us that she came to the show a child in a lot of ways, and now she feels that her independence has never been stronger. Jillian congratulates her for breaking the record for most weight loss by a woman. Isabeau says that Jillian has been more than a trainer to her. She looks at Jillian and sees the kind of woman that she hopes she is. Jillian started as a trainer, and became a mentor, and she's saying goodbye to her as a best friend. Jillian grabs Isabeau's hand and puts it to her forehead. I was joking about the lady loving before, but now I'm not totally sure. Jillian says that that's something she'll hold on to for the rest of her life.

Finally, there's Hollie. Jillian says that Hollie started the show completely numb and shut down emotionally, but now she's a gorgeous young woman who will go on to make a huge difference in many peoples' lives. Hollie says it feels good to look at the cutout of who she was and notice a difference. Jillian tells Hollie that she's been a rock despite the fact that she's been to hell and back. She interviews that Hollie has had a really hard life, and recently lost her mother. Going home for Hollie is scary. Jillian tells Hollie that she's going to crush it, and if she falls down, she'll get back up. Hollie tells Jillian that her support has been a huge part of her success. Hollie interviews that she was able to channel what she was going through into exercise, and so something positive was able to come out of it. Jillian says that her team has changed their lives, and she feels blessed to know them. And they feel blessed to know the tender touch of Jillian, except when she goes into a 'roid rage.

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