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Working out happens, and at some point Michael looks as if he might pass out. Guided by Bob and one of his minions, he sits down and breathes for a moment. Bob sees this as a fine time for a lecture, telling Michael to never forget this moment. If he does, he might start eating cheese again once he's back at home and be the poor sucker on the "Where Are They Now?" special who's gained back 400 pounds. Michael says that the incident was a struggle, but he's glad he didn't quit. No oxygen mask is required, phew. David is having some knee issues, and is concerned with keeping up with his teammates. And Jeff starts crying mid-workout, full of anxiety about the possibility of going home. Bob tells him that he needs to shake this off, because there is literally no time for freaking out.

Dolvett walks around being hot, and then has to give Red Team member Joe a bit of a hard time for slacking. We learn that Joe has played football since he was eight years old -- through high school, college, and even was picked up as a free agent for the Miami Dolphins. Now, he's aghast at how he's let himself go. We then cut to Jillian's White Team. She is not impressed with their performance, and so continues her trend of motivating by berating. Pam is terrified of Jillian, as she should be. Danni looks like she wants to die as Jillian tells her to pull it together. We learn that Danni did not play water polo in college because she didn't want to be the girl squeezing into the swimsuit. Instead, she chose to sit in bed in leopard print PJs and eat Oreos while watching TV. I mean, me too, but luckily I have a pretty rapid metabolism. Jillian is not thrilled that her only two heretofore stable team members are unraveling, and decides to dump a bucket of water on Danni, who is sitting on the ground with a medic by her side. And seriously, what is Jillian's problem? That was just mean. Jillian says she's trying to activate Danni's inner fire, in which case I think dousing her with water is a counterintuitive solution.

Pam gets a copious amount of crap, too, and not even for the fact that she French braids her bangs. Jillian screams and screams and asks what's wrong with her team members. It would kind of be awesome if someone decked her right now. Eventually Pam admits she's scared of failing. In turn, Jillian congratulates her for failing. Do you think that Jillian will employ similar techniques when she potty trains her kids? Pam cries that she couldn't even finish the "bear claw," and Jillian is forced to crack up for a minute and inform her that a bear claw is a donut, and a bear crawl is exercise. And now everyone wants donuts. Jillian tells Pam that the desire to change has to outweigh the pain and the fear, and she has to dig deep and make a choice. And also maybe get some earplugs. And then Pam does the bear claw and it is a triumph of the spirit.

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