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Lively Beach Competition

Meanwhile, Jillian is awesome, and her team loves her even when she makes them run. She interviews that everyone was doing really well, and Hollie in particular. But then Jillian gets word that Hollie's mother is relapsing in her battle with leukemia. Aw, man. Jillian tells us that she can't think of anything more profound than saying goodbye to your parents on their deathbed, which gives us a glimpse into the seriousness of the situation. She breaks the news to Hollie and tells her to do what's right for her. Hollie decides to go home and see her mom. The Black Team walks her out, and Jillian gently tells her to hurry back. Poor Hollie. I have to say that the show handled this pretty well, and it didn't seem like they were exploiting the issue at all.

We cut to the weigh-in. Sami tells the others that a few hours prior, Hollie's mother did pass away. Oh, man. Julie tells us how sad the situation is, but Hollie is strong, and it had to have given her mom some peace to know that she has a beautiful, strong daughter who is fulfilling a dream. Really sad times.

But, as always, there is business to do. The Blue Team weighs in first. Nicole was 252 and is now at 248 for a loss of four. She's happy that she cleared the 250 mark, which is a big accomplishment for her. Neil started at 365 and is now at 355 for a loss of 10. Woo! Kae was at 184 and now weighs 178, for a loss of six. Bob worships Kae. He says she's one of the strongest people ever to come into the Biggest Loser house. He says that all of the big girls and guys are afraid of his little girl. Aw, he loves her! It doesn't hurt that Kae is adorable, too. I love the little dance she does in the opening credits. Then, Ryan. He goes from 331 to 320 for a loss of 11. The Blue Team really rocked this week. Bob says he's happy for Ryan, because he needed it. The total loss for the team is 2.74%.

The Red Team has to lose more than 34 pounds to be safe. Amy started at 268 and now weighs 265, for a loss of 3. Kim looks nervous already. Then there's David, who says this has been his worst week emotionally. Kim. David went from 328 to 323. He says that everyone has peaks and valleys, but five is a respectable number. Bryan and Phil have to lose a total of more than 26 pounds. Good luck, suckas. Bryan goes from 308 to 304, for a loss of four. Unless Phil popped out his liver and spleen carrying the giant metal frame, I don't see this happening. He starts at 346 and goes to 342, for a loss of only four. Kim chews her lips, because she knows she's screwed.

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