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Lively Beach Competition

Finally, the Black Team. Hollie weighed in earlier, and lost three pounds. Isabeau is up next. Jillian tells us that Isabeau had a particularly wussy week, which sometimes happens. To Isabeau in particular. I get the feeling that she's a big whingeing pain in the ass a good deal of the time. Nonetheless, Isabeau goes from 264 to 259, for a loss of five pounds. Julie was previously 199 and is now at 195, for a loss of four. Julie hopes it's enough to keep them out of the elimination room and give Hollie some peace in the midst of her ordeal. Jez and Bill remain, and need to lose more than four pounds combined to avoid elimination. Yeah, I think they're safe. Kim tells us that she's nervous. And SINFUL, if her shirt is to be believed. Jez was previously at 302 and has gone down to...commercials. I mean, my Lord, just show the freaking numbers. When we return, we learn that Jez has lost seven pounds! He's under 300 pounds for the first time in a decade, and is proud. He also looks great since he shaved. But I digress. The Black Team is safe. Kim pouts about the fact that her team is going to elimination, and they have to still watch Bill weigh in. Speaking of Bill, he lost 11 pounds! This brings the Black Team's total to 2.63%, which isn't enough to win the weigh-in. That honor goes to the Blue Team. Good job, Blues!

The Red Team is going back to the Elimination Room of Doom. As it happens, David is the team's biggest loser, and he can't be eliminated. So stuff it, Kim. Kim sits down with her team and tells them that Phil and Bryan are carrying the team, and that without them, they'll go to elimination after elimination. Phil is second in weight loss only to Kae. Which, go Kae! In any case, given that David's immune, this leaves Amy as pretty much the only option. Amy is PISSED. She tells Kim several times that she just threw her under the f***ing bus. See, once you open the F door, there's really no limit to how it can come back to you. Kim interviews that she doesn't like making Amy cry or be mad at her, but that's part of being a trainer. Sometimes you have to state the facts, and sometimes it's not what people want to hear, she says. She tells her team that it will be very difficult to avoid elimination without Phil. And you know, her reasoning is on target, and I would vote Amy off too, but she's just so stank all the time. Learn some people skills. And really, I think maybe a gentle reminder to her team that they have to think about who will help them to win weigh-ins would be roughly 180% more effective. Kim tells her team that if it goes to a tie and the Blue Team gets to decide, she's going to be really mad. David, despite his kerfluffle with Kim, agrees that a tie is the worst thing that could happen. Gosh, you don't think all this talk about a tie means that the Red Team will have...a you?

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