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Lively Beach Competition

The Team meets Sami at the Elimination Room of Doom. David is up first, and says that the team still needs their star player. He voted for a person who he thinks can continue their journey at home, and needs to be with their family. This is, of course, Amy. Amy, who pretty much knows she's screwed, votes for Phil for reasons of strategery. Phil, of course, votes for Amy in return. And then Bryan votes for...a commercial. This is clearly not a democracy, because the rest of us did not vote for a commercial at all. Without commercials and pregnant pauses with useless reaction shots from every contestant, this show would be six minutes long. When we return...woah! There's a real shocker! Because despite all the foreshadowing about a tie, I would never have expected that Bryan would actually vote for Phil. But he does!!! Way to add some drama to the show, B! I knew I liked him for a reason.

This means that the Blue Team gets to come in and decide whom to eliminate. They put their collective room-service plate on the table for Sami to uncover. Neil speechifies that it wasn't an easy decision, and the team debated about whether to kick off the person who deserves to go, or the biggest threat. They decided as a team that it would have to be the threat, and so they voted for Phil. NOOOOOOOOO! Phil says he's honored that they think he's a big threat, then starts crying and saying how much he'll miss everyone. I think he should snap all of his team members in two, which he totally could do. He should be like, "I'm leaving, but not before I take a limb from every one of my teammates with me." The loss of a leg would totally boost Amy's numbers next week.

We get the brief Phil retrospective, and he says it was a great experience to be taken in and respected like he was. He says he's not scared to go home, and looks at it as a new challenge. He's ready for a new life, and has the commitment now. He's not going to fail, he says, adding that when we see him next, he'll be 250 pounds, ripped and beautiful. We learn that he's actually 293, and not completely ripped, but he's still beautiful. His face looks awesome. He's happy to be there for his daughter and his wife and himself. He's lost 108 pounds total, which is quite a feat. Go, Phil!

Next week: Teams are torn apart! Trust is broken! And we are treated to the most shocking weigh-in in Biggest Loser history. Oh God, someone ate Kim!

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