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The Five Percent Solution

Previously: Big people are getting littler!

We enter the episode with the contestants in the back of a limo, toasting with sparkling Crystal Light to their impending makeovers and eventual visits home. They arrive at their first destination to find Tim Gunn and Ken Paves waiting for them! Yay, Tim Gunn! And fine, Ken Paves. Our final five are excited to have a little glamor bestowed upon them, and as an added bonus the kids are there too! Sunny and Lindsay are appropriately excited to be in the presence of Tim Gunn. I somehow doubt that Biingo is a Project Runway fan, though.

Lindsay is first for her makeover, and Tim wants to give her some fashion tips that will help take her through her teen years. Lindsay tries on a dress and a denim jacket, and Tim compliments her on her slim, gorgeous legs. If anyone except for Tim Gunn said that to a 13-year-old girl it would be incredibly disturbing. Lindsay has learned the lesson that all the work and sweat does make her look good in clothes. She also wants Tim Gunn to be with her always and live in her closet. Insert obligatory Tim Gunn closet joke here.

Jackson is next for fashion intervention. And, well, he wears orange pants, a pink shirt with patterned black and white sweater over it and a bow tie. Also, moccasins? Stacy and Clinton would NEVER have allowed this to happen. Step it up, Gunn. Joe is next and looks like a slim guy with casual yet decent fashion sense. Jeff looks a little like if a skinny (and alive) Chris Farley were in a boy band and Tim Gunn approves. Mostly, Jeff is thrilled that he can wear a button-down shirt without popping off the buttons. Everyone is really excited to see themselves skinnier and in anything other than a T-shirt emblazoned with the Biggest Loser logo.

Tim introduces Sunny to her selected rack of clothes and tells her to pick out the items that speak to her. He's a bit concerned that Sunny might tend to look too mature, so wants her to focus on conveying a youthful sophistication. She tries on a few outfits and tells us that she's feeling good about how she looks which is a huge change. Oh my goodness, and then Tim asks Gina if she's willing to try a leather skirt! Everything suddenly got so awkwardly kinky. Gina gets into the size ten skirt, which is half the size she used to be. She has a leopard print blouse, and is very Designing Women about the whole thing. Gina cries as she says that her goal was to get to makeover week and talks about how hard she worked to get there.

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