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Then there's Biingo, who is skeptical about the "fancy" clothes that Tim has selected for him. Tim explains that a 13-year-old boy really is the apex of fashion challenges. It is a challenge that Tim is willing to accept, however. This is a man who listened to Kenley prattle on endlessly about how she grew up on a tugboat. Do not underestimate him. When trying on his first outfit, Biingo says that this is the first time that he's worn jeans in about five years. And he likes them! Tim would like Biingo not to wear a hoodie for the rest of his life, and Biingo remains skeptical of Tim Gunn .

Finally, there's Danni. Tim wants her to have a lively spirit in how she presents herself. She puts on some tight-ass skinny jeans and looks fantastic. She's thrilled, and says it feels like she's seeing who she's really supposed to be. Tim holds her shoulders and calls her a beauty queen as she says that she feels amazing. She really could go home right now -- she's totally thin!

Then it's time for everyone to visit the Ken Paves salon. There is washing and coloring and cutting and something called "buffing" for Joe's thin top. Lindsay and Sunny both get quite a bit chopped off and toss their heads from side to side in celebration. Biingo basically has no idea what's going on.

And then everyone goes home to visit their families looking and fabulous! It's amazing what a little basic grooming does. We get a little montage of how unhappy everyone was when they first came onto the ranch, to build up anticipation for their big reveals. And they do not disappoint! The Losers make grand entrances as their adoring friends and fans cheer at how good they look all cleaned up. Danni strikes a pose and her mom, Zrinka, tears up as she tells us she's amazed at Danni's strength and is happy to see that she's comfortable in her own skin. Gina looks fantastic in a blue dress, and Joe's family wonders if he got hair plugs. Jackson is, per usual, the cutest. His mom, Becky, is literally overflowing with pride. It squeezes out of her eyeballs. Lindsay's sister notes that she's more confident and super happy, and Biingo's dad Randy tells us how proud he is of his little burgeoning metrosexual. Sunny's mom notices a spring in her step and light in her eye, and is also proud. She's probably also relieved that Sunny has laid off the "I'm afraid you're going to die!" bit for at least an afternoon.

Each of the contestants tells their adoring crowds how many pounds they've lost (minus the kids, of course) and what they're doing to stay healthy. Joe's twin brother has been working out at home and losing weight, which saves them both the effort of looking in the mirror. Danni makes an emotional speech about finding the strength that she never knew she had. Gina's skinny husband wants to bone her. Tears abound in all of the home cities, along with smiles and hugs. A lot of this happiness is probably based in relief of not having to see Jillian for a while.

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