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The Five Percent Solution

Joe and his family go out to an Italian restaurant and he may actually drool when he sees a giant pizza. He looks at another customer slurping up linguine and summons up all his willpower... and orders an extra-large cheese pizza. No, he's kidding! He gets the snapper over salad with a side of steamed broccoli. Immunity is more delicious than pizza, it turns out. We cut back to Gina and her cheese-chicken. She tells us that she's become the person who will send the food back and winds up getting a salad with chicken. Is she trying to tell us that she wasn't always the person who will send the food back? Meanwhile, Jeff's friends pass mozzarella sticks back and forth right over him. In retaliation, he schools them about the calorie content of each of their meals. And I'll tell you, whatever this restaurant is, it looks SO delicious. Jeff gets a salad and does his best to ignore the delicious giant pizzas sitting on the table.

Back at home, Jeff's sister has a surprise for him. Their family has gotten together and set up a little mini-gym in his bedroom. No sleep, only treadmill! Danni spends time with her dad, who has heart problems and is also overweight. He has recently had considerable health problems and was basically knocking on heaven's door. That helped to scare everybody skinny. Danni wants to make sure that the two of them are able to have the hard conversations with each other, for the benefit of their health. He tells her how important it is to have a balanced life, give yourself time and take better care of yourself. Danni is inspiring him and he's looking forward to seeing her lead the public workout.

Speaking of the public workout, it's all happening now! Some of the losers do it outside, others are in high school gyms. And there are special guests! Season 11 winner Olivia is on hand to help Danni, and she still looks fabulous. Joe works with a crowd that includes a whole bunch of kids. Jackson runs around with his crew, while Gina makes her challengees do push-ups. Danni is thrilled that her dad is in the crowd and breaking a bit of a sweat. Gina has a family friend named Matt who is over 430 pounds and she's able to practice her future career as a motivational speaker with him. Season 11 contestant Marci is there, too, to offer extra encouragement. Gina reminds us that you don't have to be the fastest -- you just have to keep moving, and we get a montage of people slapping hands and having triumphs of the spirit and stuff. And then they get Subway gift cards. Maybe a yogurt, too?

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