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The Five Percent Solution

Danni is up on the scale first and needs to have lost more than 9 pounds to get immunity. Ali is VERY anxious about her chances. Danni goes from 184 to 174, for a loss of 10 pounds or 5.43%! She did it! Immunity is hers. Jackson is next and needs to lose more than 12 pounds. He goes from 250 to 235, for a loss of 15 pounds or 6.0%! Way to crush it, buddy. Jillian is firmly Team Jackson, and you know how rare it is for her to just be nice to someone. Joe is up next and needs to have lost more than 13 pounds. He goes from 261 to 244, for a loss of 17 pounds or 6.51%! What have these people been DOING at home?

So far we're three for three with immunity, which makes Gina start freaking out. She's SAYING que sera sera, but she's EMOTING crazy anxiety. She'll have to stew in that for a while, too, since Jeff is next on the scale. He'll need to have lost more than 14 pounds for immunity. He goes from 295 to 276, for a loss of 19! Holy cow! That's 6.44%, and Jeff is safe. So finally, Gina steps on the scale. If she loses less than five percent, she'll be automatically eliminated. Bob tells us that to see anybody go home right now would be the worst. And yet, also the best. Gina tells us that she did all that she could, and if she doesn't hit the five percent it just wasn't meant to be. To get immunity, Gina will need to have lost more than 8 pounds. She goes from 173 to 163, for a loss of 10. That's 5.78%. So now everyone is safe, hooray. Jillian reminds Gina that every once in a while it's worthwhile to be cool and collected. Gina takes that to heart, until her next freak-out, three minutes from now. She IS still the biggest loser on campus so far, but Danni and Joe are both within one percent of her.

The trainers leave and Ali has a chat with the contestants. At the next weigh in, two of them will guarantee themselves a spot in the finals. The other three have a problem. At the weigh-in there will be both a yellow line and a red line. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be automatically eliminated. The third and fourth place finishers will fall below the yellow line, and their fate will rest with America's vote. And they won't find out the result of that vote until they're live on stage at the finale. Gina quite astutely says that she isn't at all certain that she'll win a vote, even after her efforts of nice-ing it up in the past few weeks, so really needs to be one of the top two losers. Though our collective delight at this reasonable-length season might extend into goodwill even for Gina. Pay it forward!

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