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Memorable Makeovers

The Black Team works out, and Bill notes that Jillian is a little upset about the Isabeau vote. He tells her that she was right about the twenty-one-year-old kid. Isabeau feels like an outcast, and Julie tells her to stand up for herself or let Jillian be mad for a day. Isabeau hopes that Jillian gets over it; otherwise she's gone. Oooh, how much of a burn would it be if Isabeau defected to Kim? She and Julie end up unwinding from their workout by planning how many Nabisco 100 Calorie snack packs they're going to bring on their mystery adventure. As you do.

And then, adventure! The contestants head to the NBC studios, and pause at the door marked Days Of Our Lives. Nicole has watched Days for many a year, and Julie loves the show and feels like she walked inside her TV. They see Sami rehearsing with Bryan Dattilo, who plays Lucas. She tells them that she thought they might want a chance to see her world. Lucas gives them an incoherent speech, proving that he's not that different from his character. Sami tells the contestants that they are going to be getting star treatment today, in the form of ultimate makeovers. They're all going to look like Dr. Marlena Evans Black -- I hope prior to or well past the time when she was possessed by the devil -- and/or Stefano DiMera. And/or Roman Brady, which will leave some suspense as to whether they look like the old-school Roman, Chris Kositchek, or John Black. Liz Vaccariello, Editor in Chief of Prevention magazine, tells them that they'll get a head-to-toe makeover, and afterward be part of a professional photo shoot. One of them will even be on the cover of Prevention. Julie is moved by this, and reflects on how far they've come.

The contestants go into hair and makeup. Hollie is excited to take a break from their generally gamey, sweat-soaked existence and get glamorized. DOOL castmates Shawn and Belle come out to meet the Losers and chat them up. The Prevention lady tells Julie that she's an inspiration, and Julie says that it was great to feel on the outside the way they felt on the inside. Really full? We see some Before shots, juxtaposed with the caked-on makeup and foil highlights of today. The contestants go into Wardrobe. Bill tells us that he used to have to mix and match everything, and couldn't wear a suit off the rack. Now that he's so much thinner, he can wear clothes from normal stores. The difficulties shopping are, to me, perhaps the saddest thing about being obese. Hollie is excited to see what kind of style she really has, because when you're bigger you don't have much choice. Oh! And then the Losers meet Hope Brady, née Kristian Alfonso. She gives Kae a necklace that is maybe from, like, her QVC jewelry line or something. Oh, Fancy Face. She looks like Skeletor, by the way, especially in this context, and may have to excuse herself to eat her daily pea.

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