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Memorable Makeovers

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Memorable Makeovers

Bryan went from a 4X shirt to an XL, which he hasn't worn since middle school. Oh, he's so cute. The Prevention lady tells him he looks terrific, and asks if he's excited to see himself. He looks in a three-way mirror and says that he thinks he got his swagger back a little. And then we see the surprise! Kenisha, Bryan's wife, is behind the mirror. Awwww! Just as Bryan says he couldn't ask for anything more, the mirror opens and he sees Kenisha. Awwwwwww, size 4XL! Bryan lifts Kenisha off her feet, and she tears up as they hug. He is so happy to see her, it's really sweet. She interviews that she expected a change, but didn't think it would be that drastic. She thinks he looks great.

Julie is up next. Oh, she just saw her husband, like, last week. She's super-excited to see her foxy self in the mirror, and lets out a squeaky "Holy crap!" when she sees Mike. Maybe someone on set can do Mike's hair as a bonus? Please, people, I am desperate here. They kiss and she cries and kind of messes up her eye makeup.

Oh! And then Bill's special someone is Jim. That's funny. Bill admires his sharp self in a suit, and then Jim comes out. Bill cracks up, and asks Jim how much he's lost. The answer is ninety-three pounds. Each twin is proud of the other.

Isabeau is really into looking herself in the mirror. She has a super-cute dress, and a great haircut to boot. I covet her bangs. The mirror opens to reveal her boyfriend, John, who looks like a punk but starts crying when he sees her. He thinks she looks like a star, and tells her that she looked beautiful then, and looks beautiful now. Note to boyfriends all across America: that's how to do it.

Hollie says that it was hard for her to stand in front of the mirror, because she doesn't feel like she's met her goals yet. She looks foxy, though. Her special someone is Antoinetta, who I bet is being groomed for The Biggest Loser 5. I do wonder what the deal with Hollie's family is.

Neil's girlfriend, Stephanie, is excited to see him. He finally sees the change in himself, dressed as he is in his sharp suit. Stephanie runs and gives him a big hug. She is teeny-tiny. Neil says that it was so great to see her, and that he doesn't think she knows what an inspiration she is to him. more so than getting a dog, I think a good weight-loss strategy is to get a thin, hot significant other. Stephanie is excited that she can get her arms around Neil.

Nicole has on a cute printed halter dress and says it's an amazing feeling to look at herself in the mirror. Her special person is Diane, her mother. Diane says that Nicole looks tremendous, and that all her hard work has been worth it.

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