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Memorable Makeovers

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Memorable Makeovers

Kae, who is wearing the foxiest dress of all, gets ready to look at herself in front of the mirror. Her husband, Eric, starts tearing up just from hearing her voice. Kae says that she felt feminine, for once, and can't believe she's in a size 12. When she sees Eric, there are tears and hugs all around. Kae says that this was the best day of her life, seeing how her husband reacted to her new look. Eric interviews that Kae is the most amazing person he's ever met, and that he considers himself very, very lucky. Well, good, because he should.

Meanwhile, FYI, there are 84 grams of sugar in a large scoop of canned cranberry sauce -- the equivalent of the sugar in eight chocolate donuts. And that's not even counting what happens when you throw it on top of a mashed potato/stuffing cocktail and douse the whole thing with gravy. Thanksgiving is dangerous!

The contestants participate in a photo shoot, and then someone will be chosen by mysterious means for the Prevention cover shot. Neil loves the camera, and lays on some charm. He looks soooooo much better than he used to. Nicole channels her inner Tyra. Julie works it, too. Kae just looks super-amazing, so she doesn't have to do much. Bill looks uncomfortably like my Aunt Elaine. The contestants then all take a photo together. We discover that Kae is the cover model, but all of the contestants will be featured in some way in the magazine.

Then, everyone enjoys dinner at Brady's Bar on the set. Oh, I miss the days of Shenanigans. Bill tells Jim that his strategy is to stay above the line. Neil tells Stephanie that he's cut down a lot on the salt, and she's impressed to see him eating chicken and salad. Isabeau says that John has given and sacrificed so much, and so she's ready to sacrifice to stay there and win. He tells her how gorgeous she is, and I think they want to sneak off to the Titan offices and have some sweet lovin'. Sami, ever the buzzkill, tells everyone that it's time to say goodbye to their loved ones. There are tears and hugs and nice words. Several contestants talk about how they want better lives, and that's why they're willing to be apart from their families for such a long time.

And then, live update! Sami thinks we'll be shocked to learn who the eliminated contestant is. Poor Sami, just hanging around for two hours with nothing to do and then having to get all excited for a minute during the commercial.

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