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Memorable Makeovers

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Memorable Makeovers

Back at the ranch, Sami meets with the contestants and talks to them about the experience of seeing their loved ones. Bryan says that this was the best week so far. Bill says that it was great to see Jim, and that he's excited to see that Jim's doing well, too. Isabeau says that seeing John was helpful, particularly after the elimination. She was reminded of who she is -- she's not just a competitor, but a person.

At this week's challenge, the contestants are literally going to have to keep their bodies suspended above a yellow line. They will climb ropes that they're harnessed to. The ropes will start to move toward the ground, and so the contestants have to keep climbing. The winner of the challenge will enjoy a $5000 shopping spree, courtesy of Prevention. Oooh, good prize, especially for their newly slimmer physiques! They get to use the money when they get home and are closer to their goal weights. The contestants hoist themselves above the yellow line, and once everyone is over the yellow line, the ropes start to move. Kae is tearing it up, with Bill close behind. Hollie, Isabeau, and Julie succumb to the rope, followed by Neil and Nicole. After a good effort, Bryan falls below the line. A lot of people are rooting for Kae, given that she hasn't won a challenge yet. That's crazy, since she's one of the most fit people there.

And newsflash! The average American will gain an extra seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's! Why does this show want to take all the enjoyment out of my holidays?

Eventually, Bill succumbs to the rope, and so Kae is the winner! She feels great. Bill says that Kae is the ninja, and that everyone there, including himself, is extremely happy for her. That's nice, except for the part where he maybe made a racially inappropriate remark. Kae thinks that this is the best week ever. If she can stay above the yellow line at the weigh-in, her life will be complete.

Meanwhile, workouts! Kim talks about how stressful the weigh-in is for both her and Bryan. And you know what some people tend to do when they're stressed? Eat. So why not chew some delicious Wrigley's gum, instead? But what if I try to eat the gum and the Nabisco 100 Calorie packs at the same time? Maybe I'll just throw caution to the wind and have some Jennie-O turkey instead. Kim's plan to keep Bryan above the yellow line is to kick his ass. He's really motivated to stay.

Bob drills the Blue Team about how much effort they need to put into the last chance workout. Kae is like a crazy person whipping a medicine ball around. She drags Bob along the hallway floor to burn extra calories. Bob notes that they lost a day with the makeover, so they have to cram in a week's worth of workouts into the last chance.

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