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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

Previously on The Biggest Loser: Some drama! Finally! Neil gained 17 pounds on purpose to oust Jez. Not even the chemical-induced deliciousness of a Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pie can remove that particular stank taste from the mouth. Also...mmmm, oatmeal crème pies. Oatmeal crème pies are maybe my second favorite kind of pie, after pot pies, naturally. I have an inordinate love of gravy.

We begin immediately after the contestants have taken their waddle of shame back to the campus. People, and particularly the former Black Team members, look alternately upset and pissed. Neil says that he's not a bad guy or malicious, but he just did what he had to do to help himself. He adds that if you don't see this as a game, you're naïve. Yeah, but he still has a pretty shit-eating expression on his face as the other contestants give him the stink-eye. Isabeau tells us that Neil's choice wasn't to save or protect himself -- it was to send someone else home. And thus, kind of a dick move. There's really no way around it.

David tells us that Neil learned a hard lesson and probably feels alienated from the rest of the group, but right now, he needs to know that he did something wrong. Now, wait a minute. I thought it seemed like David was a part of this nefarious scheme too. Right? The church you may go to in real life does not get you any points when it comes to fat camp, sir. Julie talks to David and he says he didn't know that Neil threw the weigh-in on purpose. He says he wishes that the entire conversation had taken place before the voting. Wait, but didn't it? Remember how Jillian called Neil disgusting and sarcastically told him that he should be really proud of himself? That seemed pre-vote to me. Frankly, I think they're all full of flies, or the editors are so intent on finding ways to draw the weigh-ins out to fifty-five minutes that they forget to include important plot points. Julie asks if knowing that Neil threw the competition would have changed David's vote, and David says it would have. I am so confused. Julie gets super-melodramatic and says that it's going to be hard to look at Neil's face every day. She interviews that she's going to be sure that Neil goes home, and when she writes his name on the card, it's going to also read, "For Jez." Not that she holds a grudge or anything. Julie says she hopes Neil gets what's coming to him, and David says that he will, like a big stick of karmic kielbasa.

Meanwhile, Neil tells us that Jez was a good friend of his, and it was nothing personal. He just saw an opportunity to play the game, and he took it. I must reiterate: dick move. Elsewhere, Isabeau is super-pissed, and still clings fervently to the notion that they were trying to get rid of her. Where did this come from? How can we have ninety minutes every week and have these basic questions still unanswered? Hollie says that she can't believe Kae sacrificed her integrity to save Neil, when there's no way he'd do the same thing for her. She interviews that some contestants are seriously deluded, Kae, and are going to be devastated when their own teammates start to vote them out. Isabeau gets on some weird high horse about the whole thing yet again, but then also acknowledges that she's going to take it easy this week and let an injury to her hip heal since Neil is likely going to pull huge numbers. And yet, she says, she's going to do this the right way -- with hard work. These people are all so hungry, they don't even know what they're saying anymore.

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