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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

Meanwhile, Kae is a disaster. She says everything has changed after this elimination, and she doesn't know if she wants to be there anymore. The point of the game, she says, is for the contestants to change and have healthy and happy lives, and not to be sneaky, game-playing cheats. Kae packs up all her stuff. Wait, does she have a picture of Justin Timberlake on her bulletin board? She interviews that she thinks she's done, and she heads down the hallway with her duffel bag at her side, Justin Timberlake photo in its clear plastic protector, as we head to commercials.

When we return, we see a deer grazing with its fawns. What in the snack pack does that have to do with any of this? Bob talks to the Blue Team, and expresses surprise that (1) Neil is still there; and (2) Jez is gone. Neil is surprised about this latter point, too, so I guess he was gunning for Isabeau after all. Nicole interviews that the Blue Team has become her family, and so even though Neil made a bad decision, she couldn't turn her back on him. I think that's the most we've heard from Nicole all season! Way to bust out, girl! Bob asks Kae how last night was for her, and she admits that she almost went home voluntarily. She says the game play got too overwhelming for her, and she felt like she lost who she was. It broke her. Oh God, everyone on this show is such a queen. Bob starts to talk about Kae's legacy, which outshines everyone who's there. "Legacy" might be a bit of a stretch in the grand scheme of things. Bob interviews that he's the leader, and he has to lead his team onward. He says we all make mistakes, and we all have to take responsibility and move on. Hmm, I wonder if he did know about 17-pound-gate after all. Bob tells the Blue Team that at the end of the day, the good will far outweigh the bad. Unless the bad gains seventeen pounds in one week. Neil says he wouldn't be surprised if no one trusts him, but wants a chance to redeem himself. Isabeau does not want to redeem him, even for a nickel at the grocery store. But Neil especially wants her to trust him, since they're on the same team. Yeah, because his new teammates mean soooooo much to him.

Meanwhile, we get some deep thoughts from Kim. She says that she's so glad the Red Team isn't a part of any of this drama. Oh, but they totally are! This drama is all-encompassing! She says that from day one, she's preached not to play this crazy game and get wrapped up in it. Yeah, except when she basically told her team to vote out Amy. Kim notes that the Black Team's freaking out, and the Blue Team's freaking out, but the Red Team is training. We'll see how far this gets them. David gives us a little speech about how moral he's been up until this point. Yeah, I don't know about that, Randy Travis.

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