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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

Elsewhere, Jillian has to give the former Black Team a pep talk. Hollie worries that if her team goes below the yellow line for the week, she'll be the one eliminated. Jillian tells them that there's no pouting, and no sulking, and that they need to pull their shit together. Is there ever a reason not to love her? Julie feels like the Red and Blue Teams have ganged up against the Black Team, and the only way to foil them is to stay above the yellow line. Jillian is proud of the fact that her team has worked their butts off and functioned with integrity.

Oh, but wait. Jillian has a one-on-one with Amy, who has a guilty secret. Turns out that last week, Amy lost zero pounds because she was pressured by Neil. Jillian asks why Neil pressured Amy to throw the weigh-in, and she says that he told her the Red and Blue Teams needed to form an alliance to oust the Black Team, or they would be toast. Amy seems genuinely upset. Jillian tells Amy to put the game aside and go after what she wants. Amy says she wants to lose weight, and Jillian tells her to stop being such a freaking ninny. Well, that's the subtext anyway. Amy realizes that she screwed herself out of a good week. Jillian tells her that Amy has her trust and dedication, and now all she needs is for Amy to be as dedicated to herself as Jillian is to her. The whole thing is so intimate, I totally expected them to make out a little.

Meanwhile, Bob is really pushing Neil. He says, "You do know that I'm going to be riding you...really hard, right? And you're going to take everything, right?" Bob has certainly never sounded so hardcore, nor so gay. Bob hopes that everyone ultimately forgives and forgets. Neil complains a little about being made to work so hard, but he knows he deserves it. Kae is still distracted, but is trying to get her focus back and stay out of the drama. Hollie and David talk about the fact that their team might be in trouble, but Jillian makes them forget their woes with a delicious, calcium-filled glass of milk. She has a brace of some sort on her right arm, perhaps from beating on Neil. And then, it's the Jillian quote of the episode: "I'm telling my team they need to focus on what they want the most. And when you ask them what they want the most, they say they want to be healthy. You want to be healthy, all you need to work out...and eat right...and shut up...and me."

And then, it's challenge time! Sami notes that the contestants have been there for two months, and have had to endure a lot. And with ninety-minute and two-hour episodes, so have we. Not coincidentally, the challenge is also about endurance. Each team has to hold their weight via ropes on some sort of scaffolding contraption over the water. Don't try to make sense of it if you haven't seen it. The prize for the winning team is in a little locked box. Sami can't tell them what it is just yet, but she can assure them that it will give them the power to affect the course of the game this week. I bet it's a genie!

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