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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

The teams partake in their strange scaffolding challenge. Isabeau and Neil are the first to let go of their ropes, which means they fall into the water and are also out of the running for the prize. Sami notes that they made a huge splash. Nice. David, Kae and Hollie are next to fall. The two remaining teams fight to the death, but in the end, Ryan, Nicole, and Bryan outlast Julie, Bill, and Amy and win the prize. The winning team is ecstatic, especially Nicole. She can't wait to tell Bob that the team with two Blue Team members won a challenge. She and her teammates open the box, and, alas, no turban-wearing genie pops out. Rather, they learn that each member of their team gets a vote at elimination. This means that they'll have three votes instead of a collective one as the team. So they will control three out of five votes, enough to make a majority and oust someone. I know this is an important twist, but I can't get past the fact that this information really didn't need to be in a locked box. In order to redeem the valuable prize, this team will have to stay above the yellow line. If they drop below, it's null and void, and they'll be up for elimination. The Black Team in particular is really angsty about this turn of events. How unlike them.

Back at the campus, Bob is so happy to learn that Nicole and Ryan were part of the winning team. The Blue Team hasn't won a single challenge, so this is indeed good news. Elsewhere, Kim cooks salmon in the microwave, which grosses me out. It's Ziploc Zip N' Steam! If you get this product, you too can prepare and eat your dinner out of a plastic bag!

Bob gives Kae a pep talk, and tells her to cut herself some slack. She's tired now, but tomorrow, she'll be ready to go. He says he looks at her and laughs. Well, that's encouraging. Really, he's laughing because everyone is afraid of her. He notes that Kae is breaking records in the house, which puts tremendous pressure on both of them. However, he wants her to relax and lighten up a little bit. For reals, man. Give the girl a couple carbs and tell her to smile. Kae, who has lost 51 pounds to date, is in love with Bob, or rather the trust that she feels with him. Bob guides her through some meditation, because he's new-age-y like that when he's not riding a cowboy. With all the focus they're putting on Kae, it certainly seems like she might be going home.

Last-chance workout! Jillian wants to take her people one-on-one and step it up. She wears a scary trucker hat, which I don't like one bit. She says that once she gets out of these trios, she won't be at the mercy of the Red or Blue Team, and then she'll pull ahead like she always does. Damn, woman! Kim, meanwhile, says she likes to attack the mental power during the last-chance workout. What does that even mean? Does she suck their mental power like a vampire to try to boost her own? If so, the results are not yet showing. David says that Kim stepped up their workout, and he's hoping to see some results. Bob tells us that Neil totally disrespected the scale, so now it's time for him to get back on the scale's good side. Great, now I'm going to have nightmares about a vengeful scale. Thanks, Bob.

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