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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

Hollie, the first member of the remaining team, steps up to the scale. She was previously at 223, and now weighs 218 for a loss of 5. She hopes that it's enough for her team to stay above the yellow line. Kae is next. I am so sick of hearing about this yellow line. They can't just call it last place? I'm surprised they don't put the yellow line in a locked box. Bill says that Kae is a machine and probably bleeds hydraulic fluid rather than blood. Robo-Kae 2000 goes from 174 to 168 for a loss of 6 pounds. She's all emotional again. God, go eat a ravioli and get over it. Kae has lost 57 pounds total, which is a whole lot in general, and on her frame especially. David needs to have lost more than 13 pounds for his team to be safe. He goes from 315 to 312, for a loss of three. They lost 14 pounds total, which is 1.97%. That's a lot less than all the other teams. This, of course, means that the team is up for elimination, and that Nicole, Ryan, and Bryan get to use their voting prize. Hollie points out that theirs is the only team that has a member from each of the original teams, so they're all afraid of going home. Red! The blood of angry men! Black! The dark of ages past! Blue! The color of Gatorade that has no corresponding taste in nature! Sami notes that Kae's percentage of weight loss was still the greatest for the week, and is also over 25% for the whole competition. That's crazy.

Jillian talks to her trainees and realizes that Hollie is in danger. Amy says that she thinks Kae should go home, because she's a huge threat. She could win the competition, and probably will if they don't get rid of her. Isabeau talked to Neil, who said that the Blue Team members won't vote Kae out. Amy starts swearing about how stupid it is not to vote Kae off, and says that they might as well give her the money right now. Well, she says that with some expletives peppering her speech like so much sodium-free Mrs. Dash. Jillian cracks up.

David tells us that he doesn't want to go home, but he knows that if he does, he can still lose the weight. He's proud, and he won't leave with his head down. Kae doesn't want to go home, and still feels like she has a lot to work on. Hollie thinks she's making really positive changes, but isn't ready to go home yet. There's an amazing support system on the show that she doesn't have at home, and she says she really needs to be there.

The contestants enter with their room service trays at the elimination room of doom. Sami gives Neil another chance to apologize, which he takes. I wish someone would just stuff a Twinkie in his mouth. Neil and Isabeau reveal their vote for Cowboy Dave, which are basically the result of the fact that neither of them would vote for their former teammates. Sami, as always, seems slightly appalled by the initial reveal. Bill reveals the vote from himself, Julie and Amy, which is also for David. He gives a lot of lip service to having tremendous respect for him, and says that their hand was forced on this vote. Why couldn't they vote for Kae? Bryan, ever loyal and not wanting to be alone with Kim, votes for Kae. Nicole is next, and gives a big teary speech about eliminating the person who she thought could keep losing weight at his great home that she fell in love with just by hearing about it. And that person is David. This means that he's eliminated. I'm pretty surprised. I thought for sure it would be Kae.

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