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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

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Most Emotional Elimination So Far Of The Season

David, however, doesn't seem that shocked, even if he is a little sad. He cries when Sami asks if he's excited to get back to his beautiful home. David says he misses his family a lot, but he also came to love the people on the show. He's not scared of going home or of what's outside of the campus, and says that there will never be one hard feeling from him. "At the end of the day, it's just a game," he says, "and we're all much bigger than anything that's happened here." Oh, now that's too easy. David tells the other contestants to give it all they've got, and says he wasn't there to win a game, he was there to win his life back. Everyone's crying, and even Sami and her crispy orange face might have eked out a tear. He says that next time we see him, he'll be a handsome devil with a smoking gun. Someone really misses his hot wife, eh?

David returns home just in time for his son's first birthday party, and everyone is happy to see him. If I were the newly one-year-old son, I'd be all, "Bitch, why you gotta steal my thunder?" even though I was just a wee tyke. They do seem to have an adorable, loving family, and they're about to be a third skinnier! David today weighs 263 pounds for a loss of 105! He can even ride horses again, and now with the added riding tricks that he learned from Bob! Go David!

Next week: More drama from Neil.

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