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Helen is struggling too. She really wanted Jillian initially, but got Bob instead. But then after she grew to love Bob, she lost him too. And now she's developed a great relationship with Jillian. But she still cried and wanted Bob back. Quite dramatically, I may add. Choose Your Own Adventure Books were never quite this complicated. Laura is also giving this a good think. Jillian did, in fact, rip her a new arse on the regular and it eroded Laura's trust. Mike is having a hard time, because he doesn't want to hurt either trainer. Ron hopes that he doesn't blow it by making a decision in haste. Mike tosses a coin and we head to commercials. Suspense!

Bob and Jillian enter, and Helen is mortified that she'll have to look the trainer she rejects in the eye as said trainer is rejected. Sami explains what's going on to the trainers, and Jillian tells us that this is a cruel scenario akin to making a kid choose between mom and dad. She knows, of course, that Sione and Filipe are heading back to Bob. But for some folks, she says, this is going to be a hard choice. The contestants will get to pick in order of percentage of weight loss. And it's Miss Tara who has lost the highest percentage of weight so far. Tara wishes Sami would shut her trap and not remind people that she's such a threat. Tara chooses Jillian, saying that she loves her and is certain that they'll get over the hump that she's encountered over the past few weeks. Mike is next. He's clearly stressed and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. In the end, he says, he flipped a coin. It landed on heads, and the profile of Thomas Jefferson reminded Mike of Jillian, so that's who he chose. Bob admits to us that this in fact did hurt him a little. Jillian tells Mike to give Bob a hug. Ron tells us that Mike is 18, and thus an idiot. He's disappointed that it came to a coin toss because this was a important decision. Bob tells him that it's okay, and all about his journey. Jillian tells everyone that she and Bob can handle it, so they shouldn't stress.

Helen is next. She says this is the hardest decision she's ever had to make, which seems a bit hyperbolic. She's crying and tells Bob that she loves him, but she chose Jillian. Sione is shocked. He interviews that he sends good luck to her because she'll need it. Kristin is next to choose. She gives both trainers props, and says that Jillian's track record is amazing, but it's Bob's year. So she's decided to stay with him. Kristin reminds us that she used to be REALLY fat -- 360 pounds to be exact -- and Bob has turned her into a babe. How could she leave him now? Bob tells Kristin that they'll lose the 100 pounds if it kills them. Kristin says it will kill them. Filipe is next and, in rapture, chooses Bob. Duh. Then there's Sione. He makes a big dramatic production per usual and chooses Bob. Jillian tries way too hard to be nice and says that she totally understands. Ron also is staying with Bob. Jillian could care less about that one.

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